Are you (almost) ready for some (SDMB fantasy) football?!?

As one of our SDMB fantasy football league commissioners was sent out into the desert to wander since last season, I was asked by influential powers who shall remain nameless (in other words, one person) to gauge interest among the Teeming Millions on leagues this year.

I myself think 12- to 14-team leagues are optimal. 16-teamers are kind of pushing it, but OK. I don’t like when you get much higher than that.

So, rather than starting up a “here’s the link, sign up now” thread, I’m starting one to see who wants to play. If we get, say, more than 24 responses, maybe we should think about two leagues. (It didn’t work out too bad last year, with the exception of Spiritus Mundi winning.)

P.S. Preference on Yahoo or Sandbox? I like Sandbox meself, but I’ve already heard a Yahoo vote.

Team defenses, or individual defensive players? (I’ve played both, and they’re both fun.)

As your commissioner, I promise to rule with an iron fist, encased in a stickum-covered glove.

What say you?

I’d definately be up for SDMB fantasy football. I’d like to draft Cecil as my and Coldfire as my quarterbacks, Espirix and Polycarp as my Running Backs, and my WR would be Jester and Arnold. Damn, that would be a great team.

I am interested. 16 I think is to many teams, and I’ve never done the individual defensive players, so that might be fun.

Just let me know.

I’m in.

12 maximum teams.

Yahoo instead of Sandbox.

I’m interested, but I have a vague sensation that someone started a thread on this a week or so ago…

I’m interested. I’ve played Yahoo and like it, but since I have never played sandbox, my opinion is not that useful.

I’ll go. I love Sandbox, but haven’t done Yahoo, so count me as a 1/2 vote for Sandbox. I’d prefer individual defense, but again, don’t care.

I’ll give it a go.

I’m game. We already have a sandbox league, so here we go with Yahoo!:slight_smile:

Oh, Hamlet . . . we don’t play with actual dopers as players. Dopers operate the teams.

I’m in.

Whew!, glad that got cleared up! I was anticipating a scoring system whereby for every cogent post, you got a point. For an intelligent rebuttal argument, you’d get 3 points, for being quoted in a subsequent post (hey, you just scored iampunha), 6 points, and for having a post containing a joke that is misinterpreted as serious, you lose 10 points (hey, now I’m in negative numbers!).

Heck, Hamlet, how do you think David B and Gaudere keep track over in GD?


Shouldn’t you have waited for the first exhibition game or something? Damn, a guy goes to South America for 10 days and they build a league without him. Excluding me keeps it more fair for the lesser lights, though. :wink:

So I guess Yahoo it is. I will post details on how to join it later today, say after noon eastern time. To give some more people time to chime in if they so choose.

To all that expressed an interest in signing up:

Go to

Click on the fantasy football link. You will want to join the league called “The Straight Dope”

It’s a private league, and the password is ‘cecil’.

I’ve set it so each week we will start one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one K and two offensive flex players, either WRs or RBs.

We will have individual players on defense, and you can start three each week.

I set the draft for Wednesday, Aug. 15, at 9:30 p.m. EST. However, I can change this for the majority’s convenience.

Try to get signed up as soon as you can, so I can see how many people want to play and modify the size of the league if need be. I hope we can have at least 10 teams with active owners.


I went there and it asked for my league ID number along with the password.

What’s that?


We need a League ID my man.

Also, I assume we are in a head-to-head league? I vote for a 16 team league, I like there to be some skill involved in player-personel. Having a few 800+ yard guys sitting on the market just takes all the skill out of it, that leaves it almost all to luck.


The League ID Number is 4823

Prepare to suffer mightily under The Welders grip.




The Welders? The Welders??? Oh, man, the Weirdos are gonna have fun with you! :wink:

Well, in my other league, I’m the only girl and I’m called The Kegels, but I didn’t know if it would be acceptable on yahoo.

Fire and Metal…Welding equals Victory