SDMB All-Pro Fantasy Football league

Here we are, it’s year 4 in what I’ve declared to be the league of the SDMB’s fantasy football elite. Except Jules Andre.

Last year’s thread.

This is not a recruitment thread at the moment, as everyone who was in the league last year is invited back. 9/12 have accepted so far. I’m giving the other three another week and a half - should there be empty slots then I’ll start recruiting to fill them. I think Omniscient and Bozoholic Squid, PI have expressed an interest in joining the league, and I know them both to be reliable FF players.

For the moment, our draft is scheduled for Monday, August 31st at 9pm eastern. If this is a hard time for people we can reschedule it, but speak up soon as prime time draft slots get full. It’s after the third week of preseason so most of the potential preseason injuries will be determined by that point.

Our league settings (compared to default) can be found here.

I’m open to suggestions for rule changes.

Yahoo has a system this year for putting all free agents on waivers from Sunday-Tuesday, so we’ll probably use that instead of our manual waiver system if it works well. One problem is that yahoo doesn’t have a “5 minutes before game” option for when players go on waivers - it’s either Sunday morning or at the start of the first game. First game would be a pain in the ass, with Thursday games locking out free agents who haven’t played yet - so I suggest we set it for Sunday, but make a rule that no players of Thursday/Saturday games be picked up after their game as a free agent - instead you would wait till everyone goes on waivers that weekend and put in your claim then.

So, draft time, rules, who’s bringing the pizza, etc. Discuss!

Oh, and I posted these results to the other thread, but since it pertains to this league:


  1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  2. Tazmanian Devils (Tazmanian Devils)
  3. Chitwood’s Penance (Jimmy Chitwood)
  4. Last Place - Kiros (Kiros)
  5. Isotopes (Petey, I think)
  6. The Gridbirds (brianjedi)
  7. Court Jesters (D_Odds)
  8. Holding out for Bush (Kid_A)
  9. Purple Helmed Warriors (OneCentStamp)
  10. The Faceisburgers (MsRobyn, I think)
  11. Zone Blitz (RetroVertigo)
  12. Og’s Cowboys (can’t remember)


  1. Quentin’s Jammers (EsotericEnigma/Jules Andre)
  2. The Gridbirds (brianjedi)
  3. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  4. The Opposites (Kid_A)
  5. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Lightning)
  6. Tazmanian Devils (Tazmanian Devils)
  7. The Concussions (Kiros)
  8. Isotopes (Petey)
  9. Court Jesters (D_Odds)
  10. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
  11. chitwood (Jimmy Chitwood)
  12. No use for a Name (RetroVertigo)


  1. Tazmanian Devils (Tazmanian Devils)
  2. Kid_A (Kid_A)
  3. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  4. Quentin’s Jammers (EsotericEnigma/Jules Andre)
  5. Kiros Mark IV (kiros)
  6. Court Jesters (D_odds)
  7. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
  8. Isotopes (Petey)
  9. chitwood (Jimmy Chitwood)
  10. No use for a name (RetroVertigo)
  11. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Lightning)
  12. The Gridbirds (brianjedi)

Ranked by average finish

2.3 Exploding Pancakes (3 years)
2.5 EsotericEnigma/Jules Andre (2 years)
3 Tazmanian Devils (3 years)
4.6 Kid_A (3 years)
5.3 Kiros (3 years)
6.6 brianjedi (3 years)
7 Petey (3 years)
7.3 D_odds (3 years)
7.6 Chitwood (3 years)
8 Frosted Lightning (2 years)
8.5 Ellis Dee (2 years)
9 OneCentStamp (1 year)
10 MsRobyn (1 year)
11 RetroVertigo (3 years)
12 Og’s Cowboys (1 year)

Its good to be back in my favorite season of the year. Mondays are not the best for me but I should be able to work something out so that I can draft in the bar while I am at work. Good to see mostly everyone back.

I’ll take and 1 and a 4 in my first two seasons. I would have rather finished in the top 3 last season, but that’s all right. I have exactly as many championships as our esteemed commissioner, and in only two thirds the years played! And…

Jimmy Chitwood / 3 / 1.67
Og’s Cowboys / 1 / 3
brianjedi / 3 / 4.67
Kiros / 3 / 5
Tazmanian Devils / 3 / 5
RetroVetrigo / 3 / 5.67
D_Odds / 3 / 6
MsRobyn(?) / 1 / 7
SenorBeef / 3 / 7
Kid_A / 3 / 7.33
Frosted Lightning / 2 / 8
Isotopes / 3 / 9.33
Jules Andre / 2 / 10
Ellis Dee / 2 / 11
OneCentStamp / 1 / 11

… I have the second worst average draft spot in this league’s history. Yeah… I’m happy with how I’ve done. Suckitcommish! :smiley:

Over a 1 and 3 finish in my first two seasons, good sir? And another top 3 finish to boot!

Oh, and why was it again that you couldn’t get into the top 3 last year? What happened in the third place game?

Hint: It starts with “asski” and ends with “cking”.

Sorry for the delay, I’m really slacking on football this year, as I’m still very in the thick of it in both of my baseball leagues. Registered now!

You mean your 1 that you got before any real owners joined this league? Consider it a 1* that first season.

It was more of a gift. I felt so bad after knocking you into the consolation game the year before I didn’t even bother to check my rosters. 3* Besides, competing for the most 3s is just an insignificant and pointless endeavor, we all know 1s are where it’s at. And in that department, the score is 1 to 1* and I’m winning.

Oooh, now you’re talking smack to anyone who’s been here since the beginning! Now Taz can give you some smackdowns too.

By that standard the Raiders are the far superior franchise to the Eagles, sir, since they’ve won three championships.

The total picture matters. I’ve never had the indignity of coming in snort 4th or worse.

It would get boring in here if we were the only ones talking. Might as well insult everyone and make this place a bit more lively.

Championships, or Super Bowls? Big difference, as the Eagles has 2 of one and 0 of the other.

Regardless, that’s the standard that everyone uses, I don’t see why it’s any different here. Wins matter, almost wins don’t. I could argue the modern Eagles are much better than the modern Raiders, but it’s a hollow argument. Still comes down to the Super Bowls. Speaking of championships, how are things in Cleveland lately? Besides, if you’re such a fan of third place finishes, you can go ahead and write an essay on why the Reid-era Eagles are one of the greatest teams of all time. Might be a fun read.

This year you will have just such a thing.

Yeah, I definitely wish this league was a bit more lively. Our thread last year was 2 pages…

That’s a distinction I should’ve been more careful about, especially since my team is in the same boat.

I’ve never really bought into the idea that anything less than a championship is an equal failure - that the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals got the same result out of last year.

Super bowl bound!

I’m a fan of third place finishes over fourth place finishes.

We shall see!

It’s too bad you moved. We could’ve spent our matchups this year somewhere with some sort of arrangement where you bought me beer all night as my team crushed yours.

As I recall, the last time you proposed such an arrangement, your team lost by quite a bit. But, considering how my fantasy teams have done against yours, I couldn’t afford the tab. Bill Gates couldn’t afford that tab.

Some times I wish I didn’t have to move, other times I’m glad to be back home. Not working the past two months has certainly been more fun, at least. It’s still a short drive away, maybe if we’re both in the championship I’ll find a way up there for it.

Gotta find a way to get people more involved. I certainly can’t have my ridiculous trade offers sit unnoticed for weeks at a time! How will I win if I can’t rip people off?

For a franchise entering its 77th season, that’s pretty bad. They’re the clear cellar dwellars of the NFC East.

When you factor in pre-Superbowl championships, the Giants move up to the head of the division with seven titles. In the entire league, only the Packers (twelve) and Bears (nine) have more than the G-Men.

Of course this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but any chance to brag on Big Blue while bashing on the Eagles, y’know?

Historically, the Eagles are probably one of the worst franchises in the NFL. Brief moments of competence swarmed by long stretches of dismal performance. Being an Eagles fan in any era other than the current one was probably torture. I imagine the brief period between Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb was a good measure of how awful it was.

It’s to be expected. I’d say more but I’m holding out hope that you’ll give that last keeper League spot to me and anything I say here would probably jeopardize that chance. Not that there’s anything to say anyway.

The period between Phil Simms and Kerry Collins wasn’t a picnic either.

No matter who you are, a long stretch without a franchise QB just sucks. I can’t imagine the frustration Bear fans have had to endure. Or Bucs fans, for that matter, with Gruden switching QBs like underwear.

And it’s not like he has to be the greatest QB ever to be a “franchise QB”, either. Just entering a season without any questions about who your starter is going to be is incredibly relaxing.

Lemme in!

Incidentally, I have it on good authority that Chucky only changed his underoos once a month, so he actually switched quarterbacks more.

As I was skimming the general discussion thread, I found this:

Mmhmm, third is an insignificant and pointless endeavor!

Oh, snap!

Competing for 3s is insignificant and pointless. Doesn’t mean I’m not still upset when a second rate franchise gets lucky and knocks my team out of a medal spot.

Okay, we decided to create a drafting order early so that you can better prepare for your slot. Chitwood and Gridbirds still aren’t signed up, but we assigned them a slot. In the event that neither of them sign up, the first person we recruit as a replacement will get Chitwood’s spot and the second will get Gridbirds.

Ellis Dee created the random numbers:

and Jules Andre created the randomized list of names:

Exploding Pancakes
No Use For A Name
Frosted Lightning
Last Place
New York Fanboys
Court Jesters
Tazmanian Devils
Quentin’s JAMmers

Matching them up, we get a draft order of:

1 Quentin’s JAMmers
2 New York Fanboys
3 Kid_A
4 Exploding Pancakes
5 Court Jesters
6 Chitwood
7 No Use For A Name
8 Tazmanian Devils
9 Isotopes
10 Gridbirds
11 Last Place
12 Frosted Lightning

Hmm. 1. Jules Andre. 2. Ellis Dee. SHENANIGANS!!! :slight_smile:

I’m not too enthused about the #4 pick. This year I’d really be comfortable picking 1-3 or 8-12, but 4-7 is very mushy this year. I don’t have a solid feeling on Forte, Jackson, Gore, Slaton, LT, or DeAngelo Williams. Oh well - knowing this far ahead of time allows me plenty of research.

Ellis Dee mentioned it being possible to trade draftpicks pre-draft for yahoo now. How does it work? Does it require the commish to do it? I wonder if we could do ad-hoc pick trading on draft day … I suppose it could work if the teams come to an agreement during their small alotted time.