Fantasy football update

so far today, im at 100%!!!
eat my dust people :slight_smile:

Wumpss Wumper’s

oops, seems i did a simul-thread post there, D’ah well…

I think you mean the Pick 'Em, not the Fantasy league.

And do you think Dallas is going to make a big comeback? There go 11 of your points…

lol, yeah i know, but i can always hope… i did say “so far today” that way i could make myself look better, but now it’s all ruined :frowning:

u’ve picked’em really good Joey, im impressed

Spiritus got all of the Sunday games, and the sunday night and Monday look good too. Wolf Man is kicking ass, only his 2 and 1 have lost, Where as my 1 and 3 lost. Drain Bead was shooting 100% in the morning games, but went 0-for-the afternoon. Yeouch.

Still, this is a lot of fun. I find myself caring about football a lot more.

Yep, haven’t won a game since the 1:00 games ended. Not that I mind–two of those losses were Dallas (who LIKES that team?) and Tennessee, meaning the BILLS WON!!!

I haven’t been so happy losing a couple of double-digit confidence picks in all my life.

This is fun, btw. Been a while since I did it.

nicely done Joey, looks like ur gonna be the champ. (for this week at least :evil grin:)


Dallas uber alles!

And I don’t care how much they’re probably going to bomb this year–I like that team!

Dallas sucks.

Joey rules week1.

Bills break my heart again! (They can’t even get losing right anymore.)

And week2 looks like a crap shoot. Who really wants to pick a winner between Cincinatti, Cleveland, Dallas, Arizona? Hell, add DS vs NO into the list. I see threee games I want to rate 15 and the rest I would just as soon put at 2 and flip a coin.