SDMB Pick 'em league

2 years ago, but not last year, I started a yahoo pick 'em league for SDMB members. It was fun, although only 5 or 6 of us stuck through to the end IIRC.

It’s free. Essentially it’s a competition to pick the winners of every NFL game. There are 3 ways of doing it:

Straight up: you simply pick the winner of the game, and get a point for it.
Confidence rated: You give each game a confidence rating from 1 to 14-16 (however many games there are). On the game you’re most sure about, you give it the highest rating, and if you picked correctly, you win an amount of points equivelant to the confidence rating. More depth than simple straight up picking.
Against the spread: You pick the games modified by whatever the going spread is that yahoo uses.

Personally, I liked the confidence rating one the most, but against the spread is also good. Straight up is a bit boring.

Since we’re not working out of a limited pool (like with fantasy football), I’m guessing we can sign up a lot of people in this league.

Would anyone be interested? And if so, which type of league would you prefer?

  1. Yes. 2) Any or all of the above.

Ahh, crap – I already started it.

I set it up a week ago, but was waiting for Yahoo to get their act together and launch the Survival Football page as well. So far, no sign of it this year.

Well, if anyone wants in to a Straight-Up league, it’s Group ID# 2131, password of “cecil”.

I’d certainly be into joining up with a confidence league as well, however.

Yeah, I don’t mind having a few.

I’d like a confidence league. Was also waiting for a survival - I like those best.

Up for anything, though I prefer confidence or spread over straight-up. Also love the survival leagues :slight_smile:

They’ve finally updated their Survival page – registration will begin on August 21st.

Alright, I set up a confidence league. If there’s enough interest, we can do a spread league too. It might be fun, because they’re both different enough to be worth doing I think.

SDMB Pick em Confidence
ID# 10489
Password: cecil
Anyone with a remote interest, feel free to sign up. We can have up to 50 players in the league, so… the more the merrier.


Good deal, SenorBeef! It’ll be interesting to see how different the straight-up results are from the confidence ones.

Just to get things organized, both leagues can be signed up for here.

Confidence League is ID# 10489, Straight-Up League is ID# 2131, password for both is “cecil”.

I’m in for both. I’d be interested in a spread pool too.

Count me in for both too. I’ll probably skip Survivor though, last year I think I lost the first week both times.

I joined Hal’s league as the Embryo Embolism Prevention Co. I wanted to have something that fit with “fetus” and that seemed to be the closest I could get while still sounding at least a little footballish. (I wanted Embryonic Embolism Prevention Crew but it wouldn’t fit.) I’m just doing Straight Up. I haven’t followed football as well the last couple years as I did in high school, I don’t like making complex picks (I even dislike picking the Monday and Sunday night scores and the highest- and lowest-scoring teams, although hopefully I’ll get more comfortable with those as the season goes on), and the last time I did fantasy sports of any kind my grades went through the floor. So I’m taking this one cautiously.

BTW, it’d be nice if the Survival page actually explained what the heck it was…

In survival football you make one pick every week on the team you’re most sure will win. If you lose, you’re eliminated. The kicker is that you can only pick a particularly team once each season, so you have to plan ahead.

Ok, I created a spread league too, so now we have one of each type.

I’m going to join all 3 - each is a slightly different challenge, and it’s 3 chances not to suck.

SDMB Pick 'em Spread (ID# 11123)
password: cecil

Anyone want to chime in on who’s who, if your team name doesn’t obviously reflect your SDMB name?

I’m “transcontinental tricycle” in one of the leagues (the best way to make fantasy names is to put down the first weird thing that comes into your head, right?) and in the other two I have “senorbeef” in the name.

Mine should be pretty obvious, all having “Hal” in the name.

Just FYI, I think I’m going to the Jets v Bucs preseason game tomorrow night, thanks to a friend’s supplier. We’ll meet at Selmon’s for some BBQ, then watch a meaningless football game, then smoke free cigars. Life scarcely gets any better.

You can find me as Court Jesters in all 3.