Fantasy Football Week 8

I’m on a 4 game losing streak. Every decision counts! :cool:

Do you play Boldin this week? He’s was my best receiver before he got hurt (Andre Johnson has caught him since then.) I’m pretty sure he’s starting, but he’s going against a tough Panther’s D that shut down Brees and Co. last week. On top of that, who knows what’ll happen when he gets that first hard hit?

My option instead of him is to play Dallas Clark at TE. I just picked him up on waivers this week as insurance.

I’d recommend going with Boldin. I have a strange feeling he’s going to do well today.


Yeah, thanks. I benched Boldin. Then I went to the Panthers-Cardinals game and watched him score twice in person. :smack:

I did start Boldin but am still on the short side of the scoring with each of us having two players to play, me with Chris Johnson and Bironis him with LenDale White and Reggie Wayne.

I keep telling myself that there’s still a chance… but I actually know better.

Damn Rothlisberger… I needed him to have at least a decent game…

Injuries have hurt me badly, Addai, Willie Parker, and Boldin have put me in a hole this year.

I didn’t think Boldin would play all that much, especially given that they don’t need to hurry him with the way Breaston has been producing. Still, no complaints here, especially since I started Warner :slight_smile:

My team in my every-year (non-keeper) league is absolutely unstoppable. I’m going to be 8-0 by tonight (I’m currently up by 46 points and I have Reggie Wayne yet to play) and I will have had posted the highest overall score in 5 out of 8 weeks.

QBs: Warner (9), Eli Manning (7) (briefly picked up Trent Edwards when it looked as though Manning might not go last week and Warner was on a bye)
RBs: Clinton Portis (1), Michael Turner (3), Willie McGahee (4), Steve Slaton (W) (also drafted Chris Perry (10), but ended up picking up Slaton after Week 2 and dropping Perry in Week 4)
WRs: Reggie Wayne (2), Greg Jennings (5), Roddy White (8) (have used Lance Moore and Matt Jones as bye-week replacements, and originally drafted Reggie Brown as my #4 in the late rounds)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (6) (the weak point of my team, but TEs are sucking in general this year and Gonzo is doing pretty well… used Ben Watson (12) during the bye)
K: Drafted Nick Folk (11), finally got fed up and swapped him for John Kasay last week
D/ST: Drafted the Cards, have variously picked up Carolina, Indy and the Redskins too.

I was pissed off when I saw our draft order (I had #12) this year, but it was actually a good thing. Our first round went like this:

Moss, Johnson, Brady, Tomlinson and Addai have all been busts, and Portis is outperforming all the others. Of course, I made one big mistake by drafting McGahee, but I saved myself by taking Turner in the very next round, and I think McGahee will pay off big toward the end of the season.