Fantasy football advice - week 12 edition

I have a pretty stacked list of matchups in the all-pro league this week that I’m having a hard time deciding on.

First, at QB - Hasselbeck @St Louis vs Roethlisberger @BAL. Ben is reported asymptomatic and practicing fine, but I’m wondering if I should take the cupcake matchup instead until he proves he’s okay.

And at RB, I’m stacked. I need 2 starters out of:
Ricky Williams @Buf
Pierre Thomas vs NE
Marion Barber vs Oak
Jason Snelling vs TB
Fred Jackson vs Miami
Rock Cartwright @Phi.

It seems like Williams is a must start at one spot since Buffalo is still the among the worst run stopping defenses out there, although they’ve played a bit better lately.

But the second slot… I can make a case for any of those guys. I’m thinking I should rule out THomas and Cartwright for having the least favorable matchups, but that still leaves me with Snelling (2 TDs last week) vs TB, Barber (20 carries and 99 yards, finally getting on track) vs Oak and Fred Jackson (last I heard Lynch was hurt and he’s the guy) vs Miami.

What do you think?

Post your questions too.

I don’t know about Marion Barber. Felix Jones is finally healthy, or so he says. I assume Felix would eat some of those carries.

Friggin crowded backfields.

I’d start Snelling and Williams. Is it a big matchup for you this weekend?

I’ve got Rice, Snelling, Jacobs, Addai, Brown, and Jones and I think I’m starting Rice and Snelling. Maybe Rice and Addai.

It’s important, yeah. I need to win the next 2 to make the playoffs probably. I have a 33 point projected lead at this point… but I’ve had like 5 of those this season and won maybe one.

It’s amazing with those. I like to think those are a decent baseline to gauge some kind of success. I have no clue anymore. Fantasy football is more and more of a crapshoot every year.

You’re not packing a roster full of Lions players…are you?

I agree, though, it can be tricky going by those projected scores… I had Cedric and Turner as my starting RB’s until last weekend…and my opponent played Ricky Williams against me…and I started Bernard Scott and Kevin Smith…and still won because of Moss, Rodgers, Calvin Johnson and Desean Jackson. Vernon the SF TE hooked me up too.

Why yes, I’m in first place…


Beef, IDK about Snelling…not much track record, fairly favorable opponent…but Barber against Oakland at home is a pretty good matchup too.

Need to pick a Flex play this week. Mike Bell, Michael Crabtree, Laurence Maroney? Thoughts?

Also, in my Money league: Forte vs. Bell vs. Beanie Wells.


Forte or Bell. Go with Forte.

Bell is tempting…but I really hate that Saints RB situation. The guy could get shut out any week!

Yeah, but hasn’t Pierre Thomas been pretty much held out of being in the mix?

Actually, I forgot to mention that in the Money League I can start 3 RBs, I have Forte, Rice, Wells, Bell, Brown and Bradshaw. Brown and Bradshaw are out and I need 3 of the rest.

Rice is a no brainer I think, Forte is likely but I’m obviously biased there, and Wells has been great over the last few weeks but I’m not sure what to expect in the Titans game. Bell is tempting, but he’s feast or famine.

As far as I know both Bush and Thomas are available in this game.

I want to point out that the Yahoo projections are particularly terrible this week. I have a few players that they don’t account at all for injuries or other situations. I’d completely ignore them this week. My question:

Stafford v. GB (Thurs.)
Gradkowski @ Dal (Thurs.)

It’s really a complete toss-up. Neither has a good chance. Stafford’s upside is pretty big, but he’s hurt. Gradkowski’s matchup is safer, but he’s Gradkowski. I just want 8 points out of it.

There’s zero chance Stafford plays.

Gore is my RB1. My options for RB2 are LDT; Jamaal Charles; Mike Bell (and 2 others who shall not be mentioned for sucking really hard.)

LDT has been doing well lately, Charles is hot and Bell had a good week last week. I figure Bell is too risky with the other 2 options.

I can play both LDT and Charles if I use one as my Flex, but I also have S. Smith (NYG) and S. Holmes as Flex options.

Crap, Michael Turner practiced today so I guess Snelling is out of the running. So, Barber vs Oakland, Fred Jackson vs Miami, Cartwright @phi, or Thomas vs NE…

NFL Network just reported that Stafford will start.

Oh man. If he gets the wrong kind of hit early in the game, that could screw up anyone that starts him.

Edit: Also, Omni: Hightower is playing really well, and is technically the starter. I wouldn’t play Wells.

Thomas is getting touches, and putting up some yards. Lately Bell has been getting the call on the goal line more often. That could change on any given week though, and I expect the Saints will be mixing things up even more against the Pats.