Fantasy football advice - week 11

Hit us with your FF decisions. If you want advice on a trade, be sure to mention all the relevant players on your roster so we can figure out where you’re strong and weak.

I need to decide on a running back (standard scoring except .5 ppr) between these:

Pierre Thomas @TB, Barber vs WAS, Betts @DAL, Snelling @NYG, Fred Jackson @JAC. Yes, I have a lot of RBs.

My gut tells me to go with Thomas of course, especially since Reggie Bush has missed some practices with injury. But the NO offense is just so unpredictable. He could score 5 points as easily as 25.

Betts is next up. Portis is out with concussion and Betts has always looked good getting the start to replace him. Back when he started a string of games in 07 for Portis, he had several 20+ fantasy weeks in a row.

Snelling replacing Michael Turner and Fred Jackson running the Bills new wildcat aren’t out of the running either. Barber may see a lot of action because Dallas will do a lot of clock running against Washington.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, post your questions. I, and also other people who are not as good at fantasy football like RNATB, will try to answer them.


Packers D/ST v. 49ers
Ravens D/ST v. Colts

Both at home, gotta go with the Pack, right?

Yes. The Pack.

I’ve got my team pretty much fine tuned for a playoff run, but I have a pretty good crop of WR choices. I need 3 from:

S. Holmes
S. Smith (NYG)
K. Walter

I’d start Colston, Boldin, and Smith. Atlanta has been giving up a lot of points to WRs in the last few weeks.

I waffling between Smith and Holmes. Holmes has been getting a lot of targets lately, and they’re playing the Chiefs… and they lost last week. On the other hand, the Giants are trying to break a losing streak, and coming off the bye, Eli may be healthier.

I burning your Holmes?

I wouldn’t start Steve Smith.

For a WR1 or WR2, I’d agree. But he’s got Boldin and Colston - he can gamble on a boom or bust from Smith, I think. He’s either going to put up 1.7 points or 23.

At TE, go with Visanthe Shiancoe or Kellen Winslow. I’m leaning towards Shiancoe since I like the match up against the Seahawks.