Fantasy Football

Who else out there enjoys Fantasy Football? Let’s talk about your draft. Who do you think the top picks will be in your league? In mine I expect it to be Davis, Anderson, Faulk, Taylor, Favre, Moss, Young, and C. Martin. RB is the most valuable position in my league.

My quarterbacks are Plummer and Harbaugh. Mid-range price, and it looks like Harbaugh will start, which is good.

My money RB is Eddie George, and I also have Ki-Jana Carter, on the slim hope that he’ll actually not stub his toe and be out for the season. He was only a million dollars, so there.

My WRs are Chris Calloway and Keenan McCardell. McCardell just got a slight injury, but he should be back in form by the start of the season, and that’s all that matters.

My K is Vinatieri because I figure that the Pats are going to have a crappy red zone offense. I wanted to get Gramatica, but he wasn’t available. :frowning:

My TE and my kick returner…well, they suck.

My defense changes weekly.

My mother wants Doug Flutie as her quarterback. I love the man, but I think the magic’s over.