Farmers Only dot com

So I’m watching one of the TVs at a sports bar (so it is impossible to hear the dialogue on this one). A commercial comes on with an outdoorsy type standing by his pickup and shooting with a bow and arrow. A sedan drives onto the field and I’m pretty sure it was a BMW. The couple (?) in the car say something and archer swings the bow towards them and puts an arrow through the front tire. Fade to the closing logo of

A search shows this to be a dating site for farmer types. I can’t find the commercial I saw to get a better idea of what was going on.


I don’t know about that scene, but Family Guy explains the concept behind the site pretty well (punchline at the end).

I think the girl gets out of the BMW and joins the farmer. They drive off in the Sunset, and you see the the BMW guy trying to get AAA on the phone with no service. Cut to cheesy music.

ETA the concept being, girl likes farmer guy better. He’s more handy and accommodating to helpless girl types on dates with creeps.

It seems equally open to the interpretation that an insane redneck with a bow and arrow shoots your tire out and kidnaps your wife. You’re on the phone desperately calling for help, but it turns out the cops are insane rednecks too.

City Slicker pretending to be an outdoorsy/country boy gets a date with a real country girl. She’s not impressed and hooks up with the real country boy in his pickup. City Slicker puts an arrow into the tire on his BMW.

But, but, but the cheezy music makes it all better.

You remembered it, so it worked.

Worked like crazy, she looked like Daisy Mae. I’m trying to hook up with a couple of fillies right now. Gotta borrow the kid’s Super Duty, all I got are imports.


Beaten to it.

I wonder how big of a demographic a dating site has to be to survive. I’ve seen dating sites that are only for LGBT blacks. Considering that only about 12% of the public is black, and 5% is LGBT that is barely 0.6% of the country that is eligible.

Granted that is still about 2-3 million people.

I feel like the greatest triumph of the internet was hooking up an aspiring cannibal with somebody who wanted to be eaten.

I mean, that can’t be a large demographic.

A significant portion of those websites are really really owned & run by the same company so it’s one big database on the backend & just some marketing/filtering on the frontend. Spark has 11 different ones; most by religious affiliation.

Maybe, possibly for first dates, but definitely not long-term relationships. :smiley:

They don’t literally have to be farmers. It’s for outdoorsy country folk.

Yep, the admen decided ‘’ was off-putting.

Well, there is this.

And while I don’t know what channel it was on, this is Cleveland. We do get the Outdoor Ohio channel.

Now that I segued to Daisy Mae, where was Lill Abner from - Ozarks or Appalachia?


If you go after that demographic, you need a strong marketing push to get them to pre-pay for a year.

Dogpatch USA?

100 miles from Lee City, Kentucky, according to Wikipedia.

Dogpatch USA was in Arkansas, for a time. It was a theme park based on the comic strip by Al Capp. So, the Ozarks.

Huh. I had seen that episode before, and it had never occurred to me that it was a real thing. I mean, I suppose, why not, but I just thought it was something made up for Family Guy.