Fashion Question-Indian Jewelry

So a while back, I was reading about folks buying salwar kameez(ez?) on ebay. I thought and thought about it, and finally I decided to buy one. Which I did, and it’s lovely. So lovely I thought maybe I’d buy some jewelry to go with it. so I hunted around ebay, and found someone selling pretty necklace/earring combos.

So my pretty necklace and earrings came today.

And it came with–this little pendant thing. It’s got a clip ( a very simple one, just a hook basically) on one end of a small chain (maybe three inches long) and the nice little pendant on the other.

So what is it and how am I supposed to wear this?

And the earrings each had an extra chain–not attached, with a jump ring on one end and the same kind of hook/clip on the other. They’re not very long–about the same as the chain on the little pendant thingy. they were packed hooked onto the earrings, but they’re not part of the earrings. What the heck are they for? Anybody know?

I am completely fashion impaired, and haven’t had anything really nice in my wardrobe since before I had kids, so I’m kind of at sea.