Help Needed (Jewelry advice)

My wife (whose birthday is approaching rapidly) recently pointed out a magazine cover. On the cover of the magazine was a famous woman (duh!) wearing a necklace. The necklace was a thin chain that set high on the neck (not quite a choke, but close). The pendant was a stone in a very small round setting, but the setting was attached in line with the chain (ie, not dangling). It was suggested to me that something like this would make an appropriate present for “whenever” (subtle, my wife). I would like to find a purchase an example of said necklace, but I’m having a little trouble narrowing down to a similar example. Any assistance will be gratefully acknowledged and will most likely increase the giver’s good karma enough to ensure lifelong happiness.

'Preciate it.

I think what you are describing is a slide. Did the chain look kind of flat, and didn’t seem to “give” to the weight of the pendant? My mom has a few - she has one chain and several slide pendants that can go on it, that is.

Like this? If so, the additional search term you will want is “bezel,” which describes the setting of the pendant.

Ah ha!

Scarlett67 wins the grand prize! Your karma is on the way, please check the package for damage before signing.

badbadrubberpiggy, I’m sending some your way too.

Using bezel is indeed the trick. I think the necklace that I saw on the cover was a
“Diamonds by the Yard” necklace (from Tiffany at an outrageous price). However, more appropriate for her is this little beauty.

Actually, if i’m not mistaken the term “bezel” describes the setting of the stone in the pendant. The term for the pendant’s relationship to the chain is “slide.”

Bezel does refer to the setting. The one I was looking for is not actually a slide as you can see from the link.

Once again, thanks to all for your assistance. The karma I sent is coming out of my soon to be generous balance. grin

Well, bezel is the just term for the band of metal that holds the stone in. This particular style seems to be called bezel-set, but this turquoise is set in a bezel, as is this amber.