Jewelry terminology: "pendant" versus "charm-style"?

I am looking at a site that sells jewelry, and the different styles are named and priced differently, and there are pictures. But the pictures are not explicitly tied to the names of the styles – they’re not captioned or numbered.

So I can see the item I’d like to order, but, in my ignorance of jewelry terminology, I can’t be sure which item to order to get what I see in the picture.

Here’s the site:

I want to order the style in the middle of the first two rows of photographs – where the bird has the wings folded over like a heart, not the ones where the bird is perched in a metal ring, or the ones with the wings held open. I’m pretty sure the item on the far right is the “open wing set,” but I can’t tell if the one I want (the middle picture in the top two rows) is the “pendant” set or the “charm-style” set.

Any theories? I’d like to order one of these for my sweetie, but I’d like to order the right one. The website has an e-mail address, but I don’t know how often it’s checked – another part of the site says custom orders are only taken in at the start of every month, so it might be a while before any direct query is answered, even assuming the person answering understands how I’ve phrased the question.

You want the “pendant set”. This is just my WAG, not standard jewelry terminology, as far as I know. I say this because while the one on the metal ring could, in my mind, be called a “charm” or a “pendant”, there’s no way the one in the middle with the heart-wings would ever be called a “charm”. “Charm” implies dangliness, and the middle one does not dangle. It merely hangs, as a “pendant”, by definition, would.

Or not.

But I’d put a fiver on it.

My best guess is what you want is the “pendant style”. You’ve already ruled out the open wing style and the use of the words “pendant” and “charm” are kind of interchangeable in this instance, the picture seems to indicate that the birdy with his arms folded is the one that comes with the earrings. What a lovely gift!

OK, thanks, I ordered the “pendant style.” We’ll see. :slight_smile:

I would have assumed that the one with the bird in the circle was the pendant, and the other one was the charm–don’t ask me why.

But, having poked around the pictures of cutom orders, several that feature the bird in the circle are referred to as custom charm necklaces, so I guess the other people are probably right.

Hope for the best, anyway.

That’s really pretty. I agree it’s confusing to tell! And I agree with the comments that the dangly circle is more charm-like, and that the middle picture is the one that comes with ear-rings.

A confirming datum is that the name of the left image is “charm”, the name of the middle image is “set” and the name of the right image “open_wing”.

Take a look at the hummingbird page. No pendant is offered, just charm and open wing.
Charm is the bird sitting in the circle.

Excellent sleuthing, all! I’ve received an e-mail with a tracking number, although the USPS website does not yet have any tracking information.

Incidentally, my wife called earlier today to discuss dinner plans for the upcoming day, and when I added, “You mean for our anniversary?” she instantly blurted out “OH SH–!” So apparently I’m ahead of the curve on this one. :wink:

Follow-up: it arrived, and I did indeed get the model I wanted, thanks to your suggestions and sleuthing!

It took a bit longer than I’d hoped – it was shipped at 3:05 AM Wednesday morning, and I paid extra for 2-3 day delivery, but it did not arrive until Saturday (and since I had it sent to my office, no one was here; it was redelivered today.) I guess I can’t complain, as that’s very close to three days, depending on how one counts Wednesday, but I was hoping to have it Friday.

On the bright side, it will be even more of a surprise now!