Fastlane had Miami Vice music...

Not that I actully watched the show for more than 60 seconds. I was channel flipping and watched a moment to get a sense of the tone and style – mainly I was trying to see how close it was to The Fast and the Furious.

They had Craig Sheffer as the episode bad guy. Wearing shades, a black suit (on the LA beach), looking menacing, and punching a pretty girl. Oo! Pure scum. (But give him a longer coat and a morose look, he could have been Angel.)

The two cop buddies, Crockett and Tubbs… – er, I mean, Van Ray and Deaqon Hayes – were sitting in a fancy sports car watching from afar, looking gloomy because they couldn’t intervene, and finally bonding as buddies (I got the sense that they did the whole “reluctant partners” schtick before I tuned in).

… Then as they were having a “serious dramatic moment” in the car on the beach In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins started in as background music…

Ouch, now was that an intentional homage to Miami Vice or an ill-thought-out kiss of death?

So, I saw that one scene and later I tuned in for a car chase. Any one else see the show who can offer a more well-rounded opinion on it? It felt kinda bad, but I didn’t actually watch enough to form a reasonable opinion.

It was fun for a single epsidoe but I can’t dream of watching a second episode let alone the whole season. It was exactly as I pictured it: rock and roll, cars, and women. Pure escapism at its crudest.

Hmm… Sounds like it will end up following the footsteps of Once a Thief.

I was curious as well. From what brief snips I have seen I saw potential for some real carppy acting. Granted the eye candy and action would over shadow everything.

So, how does everyone rate:

The action scenes:
The Acting:
Curious Osips want to know.