Fat women and yoga pants/spandex

Why do so many fat women wear yoga pants and spandex? That can’t possibly think it looks good, can they?

They aren’t dressing with you in mind, obviously.

Women cursed with enormous buttocks have a difficult time finding pants that fit well. Pants that stretch can be more forgiving and comfortable.

Plus black guys tell me they actually dig that cottage cheese crammed in a hefty bag look. So there is a demand for it.

Or with community mental health in mind either.

would you prefer them naked?

And yet I’m guessing the majority of those fat women in the yoga pants have managed to snag boyfriends and husbands.

So someone must into the look. Just not you.

What could they wear that would make you think “that fat woman looks good”? Probably not many things - most things they wear would still have people thinking “that fat woman looks fat.”

So, if we’re just going to always make other people think we look like shit every time we step out of the house, might as well feel comfortable.


yes you might see that there.

Do they all think the same? Is there some hive-mind involved?
If you’re curious, ask the person you see.

Then duck.

If you wear yoga pants, you should be required to do yoga.

And while we’re at it, I’ll need to see the shells of all those clams you should have been digging up.

Oh okay. I was thinking you can really start to gain a few pounds doing yoga …

I can’t believe my eyes
all of this belongs to you

  • Joe Turner

I have the feeling the physical reaction involved would be in slow motion.

I think you’re missing the larger question: why do any women wear yoga pants. I know, I know, they’re comfortable. But, in a world where (I’ve been led to believe) the majority of women are self-conscious about their bodies, why would a woman willingly put on something–no matter how comfortable–that shows off the exact shape of every inch of her lower body. Granted, most men aren’t as concerned as most women are about the exact parameters, but that presents the other, opposite issue: men are going to creepily follow you around when they wouldn’t otherwise. Again, I know, I know, that’s men’s problem and they should be taught not to creepily follow women around :rolleyes:

I mean, I’m a guy, and if someone created an incredibly comfortable garment that showed off even the basic outline of my crotchial and buttockial regions, I wouldn’t go out in public in that for $1,000. OK, maybe for $1,000, but no less.

I’ve asked multiple women these questions and they seem mystified. “They’re super comfortable” is the only answer I get. They disregard the “what about all those times you said you were self-conscious” question entirely. It’s like the “why do you joyfully watch/read depressing things which make you cry” question.

It’s because your sexuality isn’t on display the same way a woman’s is. Many women deal with the dilemma between wanting to wear something relaxing and comfortable and dealing with unwanted attention.

More often than not a woman is self conscious about her body due to value judgments men make on their appearance.

Also, the complaints of “I saw so-and-so in the store, and I was just wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants and I looked so fat :(”

:dubious: I guess this is an opportunity to build them up and compliment, but I want to give the obvious answer: maybe you don’t want to wear yoga pants to the store next time.

I would humbly suggest that if the mere sight of an overweight person affects your mental health, you’d best hole yourself up in your house and never come out.

Tuxie, I agree. I know, as a man, my attire isn’t scrutinized nearly as much as a woman’s is, and I pretty much don’t have to worry about unwanted attention at all. I get it. But I can imagine, if it’s comfort you want, some of those long, loose cotton skirts, some khaki pants, or jogging pants would fit the bill just fine, and none of those would be nearly as revealing. And they wouldn’t require any more work and might even be fashionable to boot, depending on how you wore them.

I want to be clear, I’m not complaining about yoga pants. They’re fantastic. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes. It’s the bizarre I Don’t Want Attention/I’m Going to Wear Super-tight Pants and Walk Around in Public that I can’t figure out.