Fat women and yoga pants/spandex

There are quite a few items of clothing I see both men and women wearing that make me think, “Did they even look in the mirror?” And it’s not just overweight people. I saw this young woman who could not have been more than a size 4 or 6 wearing a short top and a pair of jeans. The problem was despite being a tiny thing, she still had a muffin top as a result of wearing pants that were too small. Her top did not cover her roll of skin. I just wondered if she looked even looked in the mirror.

Well, I have to agree with you there. I’m a small female and I wore a pair of tight pants to the gym once. Once. When I put them on, I was thinking, “Hey, I’ll be dressed like everyone else!” but once I was at the gym I wanted to tie a jacket around my waist or something. I don’t want people trying to read my lips when I’m bending over the water fountain.

Men aren’t the ones making value judgements about women’s bodies, women do that to themselves. If anything men are far more accepting of diversity among women’s appearances than women are with themselves.

But the women being discussed here are obviously not one of these women.

I swear, women can’t win. If we dress however we want, we’re accused of having no shame. If we dress based on the opinions of others, we’re accused of having insecurities and body issues.

It is very possible that the fat lady in the yoga pants has decided that at that particular place and time, she doesn’t care an ounce what anyone thinks about her physical appearance, since it’s likely everyone gazing upon her are complete strangers whom she’ll never see again. Maybe 90% of the time, she does care. But not when she’s picking up groceries from Wal-Mart.

I’m not sure I understand your point. Men usually aren’t the ones berating women for their physical imperfections, women are the ones doing that to themselves. To whatever degree women are insecure and self conscious it is mostly because of how they judge themselves and each other.

Point being, there is criticism from men but most of it is something women generate.

Thank goodness it’s the fault of ‘men’. I for one would hate it if the poor women folk were accused of making their own wardrobe choices.

I think what is being missed here is that a fundamental shift has occurred in the way people view very tight pants/leggings.

Think about it this way: some time ago, women wore long skirts and showing your ankle was considered to be daring and indecent. Then, things changed and it became acceptable to wear knee length skirts. Some people were no doubt scandalized, but people got used to it. Then the mini-skirt came around, and the same thing happened. And somewhere in that time, it also became okay to wear pants, and shorts as well. ANd these things have kind of faded in to the background. Nobody complains if an 80 year old woman with varicose veins wants to wear shorts during the summer. They aren’t sexy, but they aren’t offensive. They are just clothes, as neutral as a polo shirt.

The same thing has happened with leggings. It’s a recent change- last time people wore leggings,t hey were considered to be footless tights, not full-fledged lower-garments. But make no mistake, thes hift has happened. Some people are never going to feel comfortable in them, and some people will resist the change kicking and screaming. But the fight is over. Leggings won. Leggings are now considered neutral clothing- like shorts-- that while not always attractive, are still neutral to wear.


Hair has begun to grow on the outside of my ears. I’m self-conscious about it. Therefore, I try to keep it trimmed so nobody will notice. I’m not going to grow it out and dye it neon green; that wouldn’t make sense.

Stop trying to make this about persecution. I’m talking about women who contradict themselves with their talk vs behavior. As I said, I loves the yoga pants, I don’t care about size.

It’s just more sexism in the guise of victimhood: the poor little ladies are in a dither because men are leering at them.

Is the OP a man or a woman? Knowing that would make this thread even more gender-charged.

I’m not a fat woman (I could lose ten pounds…but ten). I really try not to wear yoga pants out of the house. Or crocs. Both are hideous - though comfortable and convenient. But I have my rules - they are fine for a run to Target or the grocery store or to pick up my kids. They aren’t fine for the mall, dinner, or seeing people I know in any other setting than running into the in Target. And I don’t see why my weight should be much of a factor in “its Target” (or WalMart, or the Piggly-wiggly)

But they are comfortable. And they are convenient. And I really try not to care what other people leave the house in - or I’d drive myself crazy with people who wear hats indoors.

But there are ways to make yoga pants more presentable. I have some that aren’t tight all the way through the butt - they look more like real pants. And the ones that are tight through the butt - a big sweater covers my ass - in a pinch…not that I EVER break the rules :slight_smile:

And, as long as we are on this conversation - I think I’ll declaw my cat and wear shoes in the house. :smiley:

Granted, this is a seasonal comment, but there is still its something I don’t understand that hasn’t been addressed.
I get comfort; good for them… but still, its pretty darn cold outside. Given whats not covered in anything warm, aren’t some women literally freezing their asses off?

Fleece. Fleece lined leggings are spectacularly warm, especially compared to most other women’s clothing.

Bull? Ok fine. Men are the ones berating women over every minor imperfection. You guys don’t do it to yourselves. and if it weren’t for us men you’d all be happy with your own bodies and with each others bodies. The cattiness, back biting, self hatred, obsession over imperfections, etc. would all stop if it weren’t for us men.


I’m assuming the OP is a man.

I’m not a woman.

Yoga pants (not leggings) in general can be quite warm - I have a winter weight pair that is as warm as jeans, then I throw silk long johns under them - the Target parking lot isn’t huge. And yoga pants and leggings have a lot of overlap with runner’s pants - which are sometimes made for cold weather.

When I think about the number of years I spent waiting for a bus in nylons and a skirt in Minnesota in January, cold seems like a non-issue.

Puh-leez. I didn’t learn charming terms like “spinner,” butterface," and “DSLs” from women. I used to have a number of platonic male drinking buddies, and the sheer number of hours they could spend dissecting the body parts of their friends and coworkers into minute, detailed nuggets of pure judgement was astounding.

Women do it to, but don’t even try to say men don’t.

In what world are men the ones judging women more/harder than they judge themselves? Women do it to themselves with their self dialogue, how they talk about each other, the magazines they buy, etc.