Favorite Cake Configurations?

I have a sheet cake layout that I always use for corporate functions. It has something for everyone and I’ve yet to get any complaints.[ul][li] Milk chocolate or chocolate cake bottom layer[/li]
[li] Apricot preserve or seedless raspberry jam interlayer[/li]
[li] Whipped cream filling (2[sup]nd[/sup] interlayer)[/li]
[li] Yellow or white cake top layer[/li]
[li] Whipped cream frosting all around[/li]
Scads of butter cream flowers and piping[/ul]The two different flavor cake layers make sure no one is dissatisfied, the whipping cream frosting keeps it light, the jam and whipped cream center add flavor and the multitudinous buttercream flowers satisfy that tooth tingling sugar craving. For a triple decker, I use both types of jam and a milk chocolate, yellow and white cake stack. What is your favorite combination?

I don’t get very fancy. The cakes I bake pretty much consist of:

-Lemon cake, made from a packaged yellow cake mix and a packet of instant lemon pudding. This is baked in a Bundt pan and topped with an unflavored sugar/milk glaze. Once I couldn’t find the bundt pan so I baked it in two 9" round layers and frosted it with plain vanilla frosting. I couldn’t think of any lemony thing for the middle. I wonder how it would taste with strawberry?

-Pumpkin cake, which is baked from scratch and topped with cream cheese frosting.

-Chocolate cake, baked from scratch using my grandmother’s recipe, which also contains a recipe for the frosting which is dark chocolate with coffee in it. (The cake has coffee in it, too, but you can’t taste the coffee as coffee in either component of the dessert; it just makes it taste richer and darker.)

** racinchikki**, my OP represents what I order for events. No way am I going to jump through all those hoops for cow-orkers! For your lemon cake, consider peach or apricot glaze, or you could go over the top with a lightly sweetened marmalade filling for the layer cake.