Favorite Doomsday Devices?

Say, here’s another ghoulish poll…What are everyone’s favorite doomsday devices/weapons of mass destruction? From fiction preferably, but real life ones are welcome as well.

I, personally, have always had a special place in my heart for super-nova generating weapons, Though gigantic moon-carving lasers are a close second.


Then at least whatever follows us will have ready made cities.

I liked the giant planet eating space slug on that Star Trek episode.

I used to read Marvel Comics when I was a kid (I probably still would, but now they seem to deliver less story for more buck), and was always fascinated by Galactus’s World-Eating Apparatus™.

The Vogons and their constructor fleet.

Cobra Commander’s Weather Dominator. Not only could he create mass destruction, but he could have sunny days for an outing, too.

Evil, and fun! :slight_smile:

The one from Doctor Strangelove.

Even better is his Ultimate Nullifier, which will destroy all that the user can imagine, along with the user her/him/itself.

My personal favorite is the one that im arming now …


Seriously though, Id like whatever induced the dead to come back to life in the “Living Dead” series.

I’ll always have a fond place in my heart for the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Gray Goo.

Uh, Death Star, anyone?

[url=“http://us.imdb.com/Title?0090094”]The Stuff*, because it’s so damn yummy.

Errr, The Stuff

That’ll teach me not to preview.

I’ve always hoped for a doomsday device that gives some warning.

We KNOW we’ll be dead in say, a month. But we’ll feel healthy for a good 3 weeks, before we sicken and die.

Leads to lots of entertaining drama and pathos. I’m kind of picturing something like “On the Beach”, but I don’t think nuclear fallout is reliable enough

So I gotta go with an airborne unbelevably contagious virus with 100% lethality, that survives easily in soil and water, AND immediately turns our piss magenta colored, so we know that the countdown has started.

Then 3 weeks of: revenge, repentance, reprobate behavior, whatever. The a choice of ending it quickly, or an agonizing death on the chance the YOU might be the FIRST to actually survive it.

Unicron from the Transformers movie definitely. Not only do you get a horrible planet-sized death, it sounds like Orson Welles to boot.

A strange-matter seed that eats the earth, turning it into a lump of neutronium a mile across.

I was always fond of the “Colliding Worlds” school of doom: One cosmic “slam”, two planets extinguished!


The Genesis Device! Wipe out all life on your puny enemy’s homeworld, and be left with a nice, lush, new planet, ready for your colonization.