Favorite healthy treat?

Define “healthy” any way you want, I guess. I define it as “if I ate it every day for a year I would be better off at the end.”

I love raspberries and raspberry-flavored anything (even that borderline disgusting raspberry diet coke that you can get at Burger King).

Sometimes my local supermarket has those plastic clamshell boxes of 12 oz. of raspberries for $5*. When I can get one of those, I put the berries in a big bowl and mix in a container of vanilla (Greek) yogurt and maybe a little sugar to balance the tartness. That’s it, simple and gorgeous.

What’s yours?

*When I was growing up we did u-pick raspberries and got several crates, which my mother would make jam with. Naturally there was plenty of fresh raspberry eating going on during those few weeks of the season. It was heaven. Now raspberries are expensive and not nearly as good, but still better than anything else.

Palak paneer tastes better than chocolate, IMO, and I love chocolate. Too bad I have hemochromatosis, or I’d eat it more often.

Wait. Does that mean it’s not healthy* for me*? Crap.

We have raspberries in our yard every spring. Neener neener. This past year we had a lot, enough for me to make several pints of raspberry freezer jam. That, on a freshly made biscuit… oh, you said healthy

Any kind of hummus with sugar snap peas is pretty darn tasty, and healthy.

My husband and I are hooked on Kale Chips. Not the store-bought kind (ew) but we buy a head of kale, rip off the fluffy parts, wash & toss olive oil and Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes. Maybe the seasoning salt isn’t good for sodium but they’re so freakin tasty.

(Caveat: after eating kale chips proceed directly to the bathroom and floss your teeth. Do not speak, do not smile - immediately go and floss.)

My go-to late-night snack is a bowl of Grape Nut with 2% milk. It’d be healthier with skim milk, but I figure it’s pretty close to healthy. Sure feels like a gutful of health.

Apple slices, dipped in somewhat melted crunchy peanut butter. Like a caramel apple.

I like to mix in a tablespoon or so of homemade jam with a cup of non-fat vanilla yogurt. I can almost convince myself that it’s ice cream.

Guacamole with cauliflower florets for dipping.

A big bowl of freshly made salsa with grilled pitta, cut into fingers and brushed with olive oil for dipping and some greek yoghurt on the side to cool take the pain away.

Or a big slab of salmon, steamed with ginger and soy

Special K with Protein cereal mixed in to Greek yogurt with Splenda and blueberries. It’s a low-carb high-protein mega snack.

As dorky as this is going to sound, I like plain old fresh cucumber slices. I can quite literally eat an entire cucumber at one sitting - no dressing, no dip, no salt, no nothing but the cuke itself.

I’m with you there. Cukes are one of the few vegetables I actually enjoy snacking on plain and, like you, I’ve been known to devour one or several sans anything else in a single sitting, particularly during the summer. They’re just so darn refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Ice cold watermelon. God how I love it.

Celery sticks with the barest smear of peanut butter or cream cheese.

Just about any raw veggies.

Beer and sushi.

Plain matzoh.

I was going to say watermelon, because that’s what I’m eating right now, but almost any fruit is my go-to healthy treat. I change favorites all the time – currently loving Bartlett pears, Honeycrisp apples, large navel oranges and pink grapefruit.

Plain Fage yogurt, frozen cherries, and a tiny bit of honey. Mix it up and eat. It’s like ice cream!

Another vote for cucumbers and watermelon, both are delicious.

Really good juicy navel orange slices with a chunk of dark chocolate on the side. Just a little nibble of chocolate in between slices.

Chopped apples with a little Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Apple Cider Vinaigrette dressing. It’s like a dessert. Heck, with that dressing, even spinach is dessert. Seriously, if you like sweet dressings, try it.

A whole wheat wrap or pita bread stuffed to bursting with fresh salad greens (especially arugula). Nothing else needed except maybe a couple of green olives or some yellow mustard for extra saltiness/kick. Something about the touch of carbs makes the flavor and crunch of the lettuce wonderful.

Also, sashimi.