Favorite Made Up Star Trek Lines

Worf: Come to my cabin Wesley and I’ll show you a worm hole.

I’ve seen that before… now if I could only remember where I saw or heard it…

“Get a life!”

“Beam me up, Scotty.” (This line was actually never spoken in the series, though many people think it was. It’s the “Play it again, Sam” of Star Trek.)

“We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill”…(NCB will recognize this one.)

Something played on Dr. Demento is my guess.

While I don’t remember the episode well enough to remember what may have moved T’Pol to such a display, I really like your idea, Bryan Ekers. Not only would it hit people over the head with the oft-forgotten point that Vulcans are just Stoics (why is that so hard to remember?), it could have even gone a little way in legitimizing Blalock’s poor acting of the character to show her losing her control so completely.

“Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes!”

Thanks. It’s not without precedent, though. Spock gets emotion “forced” from him in Plato’s Stepchildren and there’s this big dramatic where he later crushes a clay goblet of some kind while trying to bring his fury back under control (unlike the brawl in This Side of Paradise, after which Spock recovers instantly).

It had annoyed me that T’Pol’s function on Enterprise seemed to be to get yelled at and ignored like some endlessly-patient au-pair hired to watch a bunch of unruly brats. Also, Vulcans generally were seen as obstructions, holding humanity back, with the humans always sneering and chafing. She needed a real patience-losing moment where she says “HEY! Lissen up, idiots! You think you’re so damn special? This universe’ll squish you like a bug unless you get some self-control! It’s time for you to grow the fuck up!”

“Good grief, man! That’s no way to use a deflector dish!”


Any crewmember

“Psst, next time Picard orders the saucer sepearated, let’s all drink!”

Applicable to any series or film post-Enterprise:

The Hell with the Prime Directive! Let’s kill something!

On that note:
“We will be sending some expendable crew members to investigate, and the engineers to get the main systems running.”

Earl Grey! :smiley:


Google returns a hit that tells me it’s from a Top Ten list. It must be a pretty obvious joke, though, because I’m pretty sure I heard my brother say it well before 1982, which is when IMBD says “Late Night w/ DL” started.

It’s from the extended dance remix 12" single of Star Trekking, Across the Universe

Don’t forget all the Trek conventions we all went to in the 70s. The events often included viewings of new or proposed scif- movies and series, comedy skits and parodies, blooper reels, and clips highlighting the actors’ other film and TV experience. Seeing Spock and McCoy in Westerns was fun, as was seeing Kirk as a Russian, Scotty as a policeman, and other fun, fun things.

So, it’s very likely someone heard that line long, long ago…

Kirk: Misterrrrrrr Spock.

Spock: Captain?

Kirk: You are faimiliar with green female alien I bedded just before the commercial break?

Spock: Yes, Captain?

Kirk: Well, I imagined that she was you.

Spock: (Raising eyebrow) Fascinating.

Geek Boy. :smiley:

After Picard/Locutus demands the Enterprise surrender to the Borg, Ricker responds by channeling all the ship’s power into one giant phaser blast. This succeds in only knocking a minor chip off the Borg ship.

Riker: Damn! Resistance IS futile.

Nurse Chapel: I know I’m just the producer’s girlfriend, Mr. Spock, but I do love you.

Ensign Ro: I was just as hot as Ashley Judd. I had a better role than Ashley Judd. Ashely Judd became a big movie star. What happened?

We are the Borg. You will be allowed to live life as you choose. Resistance is measured in ohms.

welcome aboard, Flagon! That was great! :dubious: