Favorite Movies/Music/Comedians

Top 5

  1. Mort Sahl

  2. Bill Hicks

  3. George Carlin

  4. Bill Burr

  5. Dick Gregory

  6. Harry and Tonto

  7. La Strada

  8. Nashville

  9. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

  10. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

  11. Network

  12. The Battle of Algiers

  13. A Woman Under The Influence

  14. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  15. Buffalo '66

  16. Pink Floyd

  17. The Doors

  18. Supertramp

  19. Led Zeppelin

  20. The Who

  21. The Beatles

  22. Steely Dan

  23. ELO

  24. America

  25. Eagles

And I’m very curious to what your favorites are… I like lists because it’s usually the most probably way of finding other interests. If you were to love 9 out of 10 of the movies I just listed, chances are you might like the 10th. And vice-versa.

I defintely will post for this thread, but I need to take some time to think about it, or I’ll keep coming back to make changes because “Shoot, I forgot one!”

I know what you mean! I’ve only been a member for a few minutes, and saw SO many topics and felt like adding or creating posts/threads, but knowing message boards, I’m trying to understand the informal norms.

**Comedians: **
George Carlin
Bill Cosby (I know, I know, but the bastard was funny as shit for a really long time)
Bob Newhart
Abbott & Costello
Richard Pryor

Hard to narrow to 10 but I’ll give it a try:
Godfather II
Pulp Fiction
The Princess Bride
Blazing Saddles
Blues Brothers
Galaxy Quest
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home ( The Whale movie)

Top 4 are tied

  1. Pink Floyd

  2. The Beatles

  3. Led Zeppelin

  4. Yes

  5. CSN{&Y}

  6. The Doors

  7. The Who

  8. Allman Brothers

  9. Jimi Hendrix

  10. Traffic (maybe) or Jethro Tull or David Bowie or maybe Cream or Stevie Ray Vaughn.

My criteria is based on which ones I like to rewatch the most

Rodney Dangerfield
George Carlin
Johnny Carson
Jay Leno
Conan O’Brien

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Back to the Future
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator: Genysis
Robocop(the 1987 one)
Superman II
No Country for Old Men

Guns N Roses
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
Bruce Springsteen
Michael Jackson
George Michael
Roy Orbison

Yes I was a child of the 80s as anyone with half of brain could figure out based on the above.

Standup Comedians:

Richard Pryor
Dennis Wolfberg
Bob Newhart
Woody Allen (few remember how great he was at standup)
George Carlin
Bill Cosby
Stephen Wright
Albert Brooks
Robin Williams
Nichols and May


Singin’ in the Rain
Arthur Christmas
Citizen Kane
North by Northwest
Duck Soup
Anne Hall
Dr. Strangelove
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Bonzo Dog Band
The Beatles
The Who
Loudon Wainwright III
The Kinks
Talking Heads
Joni Mitchell

Never saw that movie, Mort Sahl. But The Doors have a killer stand-up routine.

Jim Morrison was very funny!

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I left out directors…
Vittorio De Sica, Robert Bresson, Frank Capra, Akira Kurosawa, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, John Cassavetes, Ingmar Bergman, John Huston, Elia Kazan, Luchino Visconti, Robert Altman, Billy Wilder, Aki Kaurismaki, William Wyler, Sidney Lumet, Abbas Kiarostami, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Mazursky

Patton Oswalt
Kyle Kinane
Kumail Nanjiani
Paul F. Tompkins
Hannibal Burress

L.A. Story
Star Wars
The Usual Suspects

Pink Floyd
The Doubleclicks
Paul Simon