Favorite On-Screen Couples

I have just returned from watching “Runaway Bride” for a 2nd time. I am struck by how good Richard Gere & Julia Roberts are together. Both are competent actors individually; but together they achieve more than the sum of the parts. I liked them better in this than in Pretty Woman.

So my question for the masses is:

Who is your favorite on-screen couple & what movie best exempifies why?

Sue from El Paso

I think the best are those that are also real-life couples:


The horrible exception to this rule is Cruise/Kidman. By comparison, Nicole shows us all just what a bad actor Tom is.

My seconds for Bogie and bacall and hepburn/tracy

i would also like to add:
jimmy stewart/donna reed

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Forget Tom Hanks. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal(sp?) were a much better pairing.

It’s hard to beat Bogart/Bacall in THE BIG SLEEP and TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.

On and off screen… George and Gracie: the greatest love affair of the century.

A recent (sort of) pairing I like is Harrison Ford/Carrie Fisher in the Star Warstrilogy. My all time favorite, though, is Gable/Leigh in Gone With the Wind.

A great TV pairing…CatDog. :wink:

Anyone else like Kathleen Turner with Michael Douglas & a little Danny De Vito thrown in?

I loved them in Romancing the Stone. Jewel of the Nile was a little too much of a “Let’s get another one of these out quick”…

The War of the Roses was no formula movie, but no lighthearted romantic comedy, either.

Sue from El Paso

Homer and Marge

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah. . . The trio is perfect together! Your post reminded me of how much I loved Romancing the Stone. Guess what I’m going to rent this weekend?

This is from the small screen and about a million years ago, but I loved Bruce Willis and Sybil Shepherd in Moonlighting (although I can’t stand Sybil, I could stomach her in this). I think they must have hated each other in real life.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

Nathan Lane and Robin Williams

Jean Harlow and Clark Gable
Myrna Loy and William Powell
Greta Garbo and John Gilbert
. . . and of course, Rogers and Astaire

Walter Mattheau and Jack Lemon

Ok, how do you spell Walter’s last name?

Lucy and Ricky
Dharma and Greg

Matthau. Lemmon.

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