favorite oxymoron

I’ll start with the mother of all oxymorons:
what’s your favorite,

Army Intelligence
Deafening silence
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
And how about spoonerisms:
“He’s a real fart smeller.”
“…a bunch of cunning runts.”
“I think you have it bass-ackwards.”
A fellow named Sheb Wooley used to do parodies of stories under the name of “Ben Colder”; the one that immediately comes to mind is “Beeping Sleauty and the Pansome Hrince”, but he did several take-offs.

And here are some examples of malapropism:
“I think that it’s a mute point.”
“Don’t take that fellow for granite.”

And then there are some expressions that could have come out of the mouth of Yogi Berra:
“Never eat on an empty stomach.”
“You’re skating on thin water.”

My favorite oxymoron is high-school education.

possibly the world’s only naive cynic

Pretty ugly
Awfully good
Original copy
Initial conclusion
Seriously funny

And, of course, my favorite: Bad beer.

¾È ³ç, ÁÖ µ¿ ÀÏ

What? No one mentioned Hot Chili?

German Humor.

Bad Accident
Bad Cold

Congressional Ethics

This is stretching it, but: a song called “Ironic” that lists a bunch of situations that aren’t ironic.

The best oxymoron is “rap music”

Microsoft Works.

A lawyer wrote a humorous book about his profession, in which he includes these oxymorons:
Amtrak schedule
Military intelligence
Legal ethics
Justice Rehnquist

Authentic replica
Video library
Business casual
Semi formal
White chocolate


What’s the word for needless total repetition? (e.g. a contradictary oxymoron)

Hospital food,
and BTW Handy, you’re mistaken about recovering addicts,

What about “Civil War?”

Wordsmith: One of the elite few who knows that George Herbert Walker Bush was a Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog.

Anyone who has ever used this company to ship anything will immediately know it’s name itself as an oxymoron:

Airbourne Express

Brian O’Neill
CMC International Records

ICQ 35294890
AIM Scrabble1
Yahoo Messenger Brian_ONeill

Oh, alright then. Scratch ‘exaddict’ add,
‘recovering addict.’

No offence ivick.

guest host

used by The Tonight Show whenever someone would stand in for johnny carson.