Favorite parenting/pregnancy forums or sites w/forums

Well, it’s official. I’m pregnant!

In my earlier pregnancies I spent a lot of time at I Village’s parentsplace.com but couldn’t keep up w/it after my youngest came. Now it’s all different. It’s not even called parentsplace.com anymore.

But worse, the discussion forums are all different too and they take FOREVER to load each response. I can’t stand it.

Where can I get faster access to discussions of cervixes, discharges, ultrasounds, cravings and other TMI?

I could google around, but that’s why I spent $7.95, so you guys could do the work for me. :wink:


I’m fond of Mothering.com 'cause I’m crunchy like that. And BabyCenter.com because it is so popular and broad. But neither of them are for everyone, the wisest thing is to lurk around and see what you like best. And don’t forget there are a zillion smaller groups at MSN Groups and Yahoo Groups that you could check out.

Oh and congratulations!

Congratulations carlotta! When are you due?

I started out at BabyCenter but was less than impressed. Most posters seem very young, incredibly uninformed and have no ability to remain on topic. Just my opinion, of course.

I did find something great by visiting BabyCenter, however. Someone started a Yahoo group for first-timers due in September, and I’ve discovered tons of valuable information. We’ve all read different books, have different OBs, and varied opinions and experiences.

So, even if BabyCenter is less than fulfilling, perhaps you can find a spin-off group through the postings.

Thanks for your congratualtions! I’m due around Valentine’s Day.

Very helpful suggestions. In fact, as Cyros suggested, one good one leads to more. I went to mothering.com and tried the finding your tribe forums and immediately happened on a link to carolinamommas.com.

And all faster than lame-o, used-to-be-parentsplace boards.


Valentine’s Day is my birthday!

Congrats, carlotta!

Mrs. Briston is due on Thanksgiving day. She now spends her days posting over at www.fertilityfriend.com

At first glance, it looks like it’s exclusively for the “trying to conceive” crowd, but they have very lively pregnancy and parenting boards as well.

Good luck!

Hey, I was due on Valentine’s day with my now-4-month-old!

Glad Mothering worked out for you. My sister who is due next week likes fertility friend too.