Favorite Pixar character

I saw Cars again last week. (It was a special showing. Two local guys, who did the voices of Rusty and Dusty Rust-Eze, were there.) I caught a lot of things that I missed the first time; the vapor trails in the sky over Radiator Springs, the (VW) bugs leaving tracks in the dusty windows when Lightning and Sally go to the Wheel Well Motel. And I got to watch the characters a little more this time.

I love Guido; the little forklift from Casa Della Tires whose greatest dream is to do a real pit stop. When Lightning and Doc have their one-lap race at Willy’s Butte, Guido is there in his red-white-and-green wig, Ferrari pennants waving. He’s earnest , he’s eager, he’s ready. And later, his chance comes, and he shows everybody what he’s made of. He could be one of the great silent (or, nearly silent) movie characters.

If I could make a movie at Pixar it would be a prequel to Cars, showing Luigi and Guido leaving their hometown in Italy in the 50’s, traveling across Europe trying to sell tires at auto races (with Guido silently studying every move and detail of the pit stops), crossing the ocean and America until they set up their store in Radiator Springs. The town would be vibrant, just starting to come into its own.

So, who’s your favorite Pixar character?

I think I like Buzz Lightyear and Dash Incredible.

Mr. Incredible.

Mr. Potatohead

Gil? (Alber Brooks’ character from Finding Nemo)

The hopping lamp. It’s been all downhill from there. :smiley:

Marlin. Gil was the escape-obsessed angelfish in the dentist’s tank.

Geri. Both in the short Geri’s Game, and in his role as the Cleaner in Toy Story 2.

Although, now that imdb reminds me that he was voiced by Jonathan Harris, I find myself dithering between him and Manny the Mystical Mantis.

It’s hard to choose, but I’ll vote for Dory, the forgetful fish from Finding Nemo.

I’ll have to go for the unfortunate snowman from Pixar’s Chuck Joneseque short Knick Knack.

Violet Incredible, I think, because that’s my favorite of the Pixar movies and that’s the power I’d want - plus she’s pretty cool, too.

Mr. Incredible, or Marlin.

Too hard to choose. I’ll say Edna Mode for now, though I’ll surely change my answer if you ask me in ten minutes’ time.

And my computer is named Guido. “Pit stop!” :smiley:

Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl, or Edna Mode.

Roz, from Monsters, Inc.. I love how she chews out Mike about his paperwork!

Dory from Finding Nemo, or Boo from Monsters Inc.

Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story, voiced by the always-memorable Wallace Shawn.

Oh, and the little green aliens in Toy Story who worship The Claw.

Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible/Helen Parr. Lemme just say, she aged extremely well.

Oi! I’m kind of keen on Violet too, or rather, the voice behind her. (I have a total geek crush on Sarah Vowell.)


Dash from The Incredibles and Boo from Monsters Inc.

Fish #257 from Finding Nemo. Voiced by John Ratzenberger, and much better than Fish #104.

Jack-Jack from The Incredibles or Boo from Monsters, Inc.

(Jack-Jack had the best powers of the whole family!)