Favorite Sexual inuendos in songs

Personally, I like Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. It essentially says “Baby, I’ll do anything for you and give you anything you need.
Then I’m gonna fuck ya hard as hell.”

Ahh, love songs have come a long way, haven’t they?

“With my own hands
When I make love to your memory
It’s not the same…”

  • St. Swithin’s Day
    by Billy Bragg

Well, it’s not exactly an innuendo, but the first time I heard All Star (Smash Mouth) I would have sworn I heard “Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get laid.” Says something about my mind I suppose…

I really love your peaches,
Wanna shake your tree.

I like Moon Dance by … that guy.

I’ve always enjoyed the subtle classics by W.A.S.P., you know the ones:

On Your Knees
Sex Drive
Tie Your Mother Down

In fact, I’m not really sure they wrote a song that wasn’t about sex.

“The most refined ladybugs do it when a gentleman calls,
Moths in your rugs do it - what’s the use of moth balls?”

Let’s Do It, Cole Porter.


I like:

Badly Drawn Boy "Once Around The Block"

“You quiver like a candle on fire,
I’m putting you out,
Maybe tonight”

And, Macy Gray in Fatboy Slim’s "Love Life"

“Said I’m gonna “A” ya
And I’m gonna “B” ya
And I’m gonna “C” ya
Gonna “D” ya
If I “E” ya
'Cos I wanna “F” ya
Yeah I wanna “F” ya”

Not exactly subtle, but… :smiley:

The entire song is the all-time champ for sexual innuendo in songs, and Porter was a genius for innuendo in lyrics.

In the rock era, the best and most subtle sexual innuendos are in the song “Chestnut Mare” by the Byrds. The entire song is a description of a sexual encounter, yet no one even seem to notice.

Consider the lyrics (edited for clarity, and to change the horse references):

Prettiest [girl] I’ve ever seen…
Well I was up on Stony Ridge
after this [girl], been chasing her for weeks
Oh I’d catch a glimpse of her every once in a while
taking her meal, bathing, fine lady
This one day I happen to be real close to her
and I saw her standing over there
so I snuck up on her nice and easy

Damned if I don’t land right on top of her
And she takes off, …
higher than I’ve ever been before
She’s running along just fine
'til she stops and something spooked her
it’s a sidewinder, all coiled and ready to strike [do I really have to explain that symbolism?]
she doesn’t know what to do for a second,
but then, she jumps off the edge, me holding on…
[images of flying – do I have to explain that, too?]

this little pool of water about six feet wide and one foot deep
We’re falling down right through it
We hit, we splashed it dry [splash of liquid, hmmmn]
that’s when I lost my hold
and she got away
but I’m gonna try and get her again some day [I bet you will]

And we’ll be friends for life
She’ll be just like a wife [in what way?]

I’m listening to BB King’s Live at the Regal right now. The crowd hoots as he sings:

I’ve got a sweet little angel
I love the way she spreads her wings…

Well, Ukulele Ike (no, no, not our’s—Cliff Edwards) sang “I’m Gonna Give It to Mary with Love.” And Bessie Smith’s “I Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl” and “Kitchen Man” are pretty much unbeatable.

There are many songs about “going down to the river.” Springsteen used this nicely in “The River” (naturally), a song about the loss of passion in a relationship:

“…down to the river, when I know the river is dry…”

One of my favorites: Ruth Brown’s “If I Can’t Sell It, I’ll Sit On It,” ostensibly about a second hand chair.

*Now how would you like to find this waitin at home for you every night.
Only been used once or twice but it’s still nice and TIGHT!
Whoa… So if I can’t sell it, I’m gonna keep sittin on it. *
(edited at poster’s request. – Uke)

Oops, I just posted quite a bit more of those lyrics than I intended. (This darn laptop keyboard gives me the fits sometimes.) I shall ask a mod to cut it down some to avoid copyright issues.

I’ve always been amused by one verse of “Rapunzel” by the Dave Matthews Band:

For you I would crawl
Through the darkest dungeon
Climb the castle wall
If you’re my Rapunzel.
You let your hair down
Right in through the window
Good, they locked the door

From Jethro Tull.

Tell your Mother you’ve spent all night walking on velvet green

Let us not forget the touching Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin:

Squeeze me baby till the juice runs down my leg…

I don’t understand. He’s going to give her everything she needs, THEN he’s going to fuck her as hard as hell. Sorry, you lost me somewhere :confused: :smiley:

“I don’t know just what it’s all about…but put on your red pajamas and find out…”

Velvet Underground.
And certainly:
“…of course I’ve had it in my ear before.”
Iggy Pop

I wanna say it’s Tom Jones, but I’m not quite sure. The song is Pussycat, and it contains such lyrics as:

“Pussy cat, pussy cat, you’re delicious.”


One more from Iggy Pop:

I want to fuck her on the floor/Among my books of ancient lore

from something on Avenue B