Favorite Smurf?

Anyone remember the Smurfs (Short, blue, and most where bald)? Well… a post in another forum got me thinkin about them. Sometimes I wonder about the most obscure pointless things. Like why was Smurfette the only chic in the entire village? Anyways, whats your favorte Smurf? I vote for Papa Smurf cause he was as cool as a pimp! :smiley:

Oh, goodness, I don’t know. Look at my sig.

As for serious responses I always like Gargamel.
And don’t you have cartoon network? They are green not blue! Adjust your tv.


I liked Dreamy Smurf mostly because he was the one that got to see the Swoofs.


Smurfs are BLUE.

Also, my favorite was Smurfette. Mostly out of gender solidarity. I used to have a little figurine of Smurfette as a mermaid that I thought was the coolest.

I agree with Edwardina. Smurfette was my favorite. I always figured she must be constantly exhausted though, being the only chick there… :wink:

I gotta go with Clumsy. I think he was the most likely to hook up with smurfette. My theory is that he is the most endowed of all the smurfs. This ample appendage causes reduced blood flow to the brain which makes him dizzy.

I don’t have a favorite Smurf but I really liked them all when they were bitten by that weird bug and then turned purple and kept biting each other on the tail saying, “G-nap! G-nap!”

I am fairly certain this was not a hallucination but I could be wrong…

You know how there was only 1 female Smurf…just hink of how sore she must of been.:smiley:

Sexy Smurf.

there was a sexy smurf, wasn’t there? i think puberty might have just hit me early :::sigh:::

ok, it was handy, cause that was me in school, never could pay mind to anything but building things and finding out how they worked. didn’t realize girls were actually of the opposite sex until the end of 6th grade, and it wasn’t until 8th grade i knew what i was really supposed to do with them. Ad&d sure screwed me up kid.

but there oughtta be a Sexy Smurf. Maybe in the adult rated version. Think they’ll make an adult version???

I always associated myself with Papa Smurf when reading to the little ones, so he’s my favorite.

I’ve always wondered what it is about The Smurfs, a relatively innocuous children’s show, which causes people’s minds to go straight into the gutter.