Favorite Youtube comment?

Now most, as in nearly every single one, comments posted on youtube are filled with complete idiocy. I’m surprised those who wrote them can function in everyday life (Obligatory XKCD Comic).

Every once and a while I find one that’s rather funny.

My favorite is on a video where some woman for Fox News is pressing grapes with her feet and falls off the platform.

One of the comments read: Where’s your Jesus now, bitch?!

I was watching a video of young French guitar-god Matt Rach playing Pachelbel’s Canon perfectly And most of the comments were something along the lines of"Wow, your awesome!" or “Amazing dude!” But, a little further down the page was a little gem simply put, “u look like fag”

Wait, you read YouTube comments!?

I wa watching a video of the Lennon sisters and this comment had me giggling:
None of them look like their brother John. **

Last time I checked it had received a lot of thumbs down.

Check thisone out, too.

In Doug Parkinson’s Dear Prudence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IBKOvyIll8&feature=PlayList&p=2D9B74632D17BC8C&playnext=1&index=26 this comment made me feel good - "What can i say,i cant believe** thats my dad and mum **in the 70s in the music clip… " Same thing happend with The Mixtures in The Pushbike Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKqa3ej5sU "…michael fairey, the drummer. happens to be my father. he’s unfortunately passed now, but to find this on youtube made me smile :]. Neat for the kids to be able to see their parents when they were famous .

At the risk of sounding vain… there’s a video of a guy in a stolen Ford Mustang being chased by cops in Crown Vics, they do the bump and nudge trick on him like three times, each time he manages to recover and keep driving, until finally they bump and nudge him over a curb and the car completely stops. Guy gets out and finds he is not as physically fit as the cop who runs after him and tackles his ass.

One of the comments: “Haha, stupid cops! They should have that guy teach them how to drive!”

And my reply: “Dude… they ran him off the road and arrested him.”