FBI director's notes prove the story of Gonzalez & Ashcroft's sickbed

Story here:

Can they go ahead and impeach Gonzalez now? I mean, shouldn’t the “ick factor” play some role in deciding what’s an impeachable offense? (It did with Clinton.)

Corroborate is a better word. “Prove”, in fact, is incorrect. Just saying is all.

I don’t know. By now I’m starting to think Gonzalez is made out of butter. Or teflon. :frowning:

Why get all bound up about impeachment when it clearly cannot happen? Why not focus instead on the efforts of James Comey as he defied the President and his goons?

James Comey: American Hero.

Teflon, shmeflon, he is as pitted and corroded as the face of the moon, it just doesn’t matter. The Leader is stuck with him, he has no other option, he absolutely must have a total loyalist in that position, if for no other reason than to keep the lid on the boiling pot of sewer stew. His chances of putting in another loyalist as solid as Fredo are next to nil.

Just imagine if an iron-ass straight shooter like Fitzgerald got that seat, got his hands on all the facts and files. Ooooh, that felt good, I’m going to imagine it again!

That’s one hell of a mental image!

Can I join you in that fantasy?

But of course! More tea?

Why, certainly. Thank you kindly for the tea, and the mental images…

Hey, they got to Fredo too. Do not abandon all hope.

Once again, lucy comes up with verbiage that could only come from a Texan. I see him as Sam McGee, living in the cold tundra of Minnesota.

Well, I don’t think Ed Meese is currently employed and he has not yet died.

Its a form of Tourette’s as yet unrecognized, probably incurable. Not that I’d let them cure it, if they could.

You can’t be a Tom Paine sort of radical and a cynic at the same time, they are mutually exclusive.

Close enough.

My personal WAG is that some lawyers have told them they’re not going to be able to shield all those emails sent through the RNC, and there’s gonna be a boatload of real bad shit coming out all at once from them. Everthing from Plame-gate, to the US Attorney firings, to things we haven’t even heard of yet.

Lord, how I despise that man! And his whole damn family as well! I hates Meeses to pieces!

See. That’s why I love this place. My 15 year old daughter doesn’t understand why tears are rolling down my eyes. She just thinks I’m old.

Oh, I dunno. The Meese Commission Report is porn you don’t have to be embarrassed to be seen buying!


There might be noise, but nothing is gong to happen to anyone. Sad, but it’s a lost cause thinking that any of these arrogant bastards will ever pay for their greed.