FDound out a friend died!

Was hanging out w/ex-gf last weekend, I asked if hseh ad heard from anyone we went to schoo lwith. I was saddened/semi-shocked to learn soimeone I had known, as was fond of, had died. I never thought her health was that bad!

When I was 35 a friend that I had known from the age of 4 died from complications of a kidney transplant. It made me feel very old.

Even tho you know it’s inevitable in the long run, there is never a good time to hear of a friend’s death.

My sympathies to you guys.

A girl I knew died a few months ago. There’s a thread on it somewhere.

Sucks when that happens.

Several years ago I asked my sister about a friend of hers that I met when I was a pre-adolescent. She said she had been kicked in the head by a horse and was killed.