"Fear & Anxiety!" SHUT UP THE HELL UP already!!

It made the covers of Time and Newsweek AND Discover Magazines (“Can the Brain Overcome Fear?”).

Certainly few would argue that the events post 9-11 have left us a little wary and maybe even a little unsettled but GOOD GOD! From reading this crap you’d think the general population is hopelessly verklempt and unable to deal with the harsh realities of existence. YES the events of 9-11 were unspeakable and tragic, but it’s a BIG COUNTRY and the likelihood of being directly affected by terrorism is still miniscule. If I were riding a bus in Jerusalem or strolling along a minefield in Afganistan (things I probably won’t be doing anytime soon) I would no doubt feel differently, but life goes on and if/when the dirty bomb explodes in my fair city (Thanks NOVA, for that cheery thought!), I and those around me will rise to the occasion and deal with it as best we can (ie. run for the hills).

Until then, news media types, SHUT UP and LET US RELAX, DAMMIT!! QUIT TREATING YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS LIKE NEUROTIC WUSSIES and trying to make us think we’re naive if we aren’t crapping our pants with anxiety and you may be surprised by the resilience of the American people.

The recent squealing about yet another “message from bin Laden” caused me to tell my television to stop feeding the troll.

It all has to do with the fact that scared people are willing people…as long as the gov’t keeps the general population scared they can get away with almost everything.

massive protest planned in NYC and the rest of the world - to distract attention to gov’t issued an ‘orange’ warning and half of the US goes shopping for duct tape.
question in congress about pre-knowledge about 9-11 - the gov’t decide to issue first of a string of increased security risks warnings
The so-called freedom of speech is undetectable with the majority of the major news-channels, whatever the gov’t says they do - all newschannels still mention “if we go to war”…cut the crap, it’s no longer if but when!!!

I need to stop this now cause I’m started to get upset about the majority of the people in this country that simply can not see what really is going on with this whole war, the reason Bush is using for war, the propaganda forced upon the people by the media…