Fear the Walking Dead: 2.08 "Grotesque" (open spoilers)

Re: blood soaked shirt that turns pink.
Apparently, it rains Spray and Wash during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Just watched Talking Dead, which I usually don’t, but I’m not buying it. Heroin girlfriend might be the first infected we see, but it can’t be the very first. Mom the school counselor confiscated conspiracy theory boy’s knife and he was all “something’s going on!” The government was trying to deal with it and keep it quiet before heroin girl. They don’t want us to know how it really started.

Grotesque? No, just boring. Last season I had hopes that Nick might become an interesting personality. But that was then, this is now. I really don’t care about his former life as an addict. It provides me zero understanding of his affinity for the dead, and his desire to go where they’re not considered monsters. Frankly that strikes me as a totally insane world view, especially in light of the rather striking observation that in every possible way (except some limited metaphysical sense, maybe) they actually are monsters. Some flavors of nuts are interesting, but an affinity for the company of monstrous dead people so powerful as to cause him to undertake a solitary journey of incredible travail across the desert is just too nuts to be believable, or interesting.

Then he, contrary to my ever building hopes, is undeservedly rescued and taken to Survivorville. The doctor, who I’d expect would be carefully husbanding resources that are now irreplaceable, doesn’t even mention a charge, or an obligation, as payment. Instead he speaks cryptically about bravery and death. Nothing advancing the plot. Nothing adding to our knowledge about the state of the world or the propensities of zombies. I’ll watch the next episode, but that’s because there’s nothing else on to divert me. Otherwise this episode is meh.

As someone who has battled opiate addiction, it makes 100% sense to me.

An addict is another type of “walking dead”. You’re there but you’re not there; in the world and apart from it at the same time. No need to think about stuff, just be.

I appreciate they might need to explain this more to people who haven’t been there, but I assume that’s what the backstory aims to do.

Thank you for that explanation! No snark, I’m genuinely appreciative. I’ve known a number of addicts in my time, but apparently none so introspective as to provide me with this particular insight. So by walking with the walkers he is "be"ing in a way reminiscent of how he used to “be” on drugs? I can understand that.

However, I’m still not sure I see anything less than psychotic about hanging out with the zombies, or treating the undead as folks who are just having a bad day, in need of sympathy rather than abhorrence. I mean really, shambling around covered in the festering exudates of dead bodies, eating and drinking nothing (except for the occasional inattentive or slow human), and target for random gunfire? Or reach sanctuary then segue to keeping your ‘turned’ family and friends in a cage, nearby and somewhat in our lives, but restrained. With what possible hope? That they might some day turn back? Gosh, what could possibly go wrong?

As I said, I’ll keep watching, because at least I get some enjoyment out of bitching. :smiley: But I swear I’d get more enjoyment out of praising a really well done zombie series! Let’s see which of those alternatives plays out. Bets?

I think hanging out with the dead and thinking of them as being a sort of alive, has something to do with his dad and girlfriend being a sort of alive. Or something.

Does anyone wish to take part in a pool of when Survivorville will burn down?

About 30 minutes after The Boat People find it :smiley:

Next episode or the one after that.

Civilization = bad.
Survival without civ with lots of torment and suffering and fear = good for ratings.