Feature request (about quotes)

Maybe it’s just my theme (vincent), but when someone is quoted from a different thread, it doesn’t show you who it is, it only shows their avatar and the thread title.
Would it be possible to have their username displayed as well?
It would make it easier to know who’s saying what in threads with lots of posts linked from other places on the board. Especially since I’m guessing I’m not the only person not aware of this so most people aren’t going to know they have to (or should) tell the reader who the post came from.

But that’s how it works here too? Maybe I’m not understanding your request.

So far as I can tell (or at least with the Vincent theme). Here’s a post of mine. The first time, I just linked to the post, the second time I highlighted the entire post, hit ‘reply’ and then grabbed the quote from the reply box (and then cancelled the reply). The first one has only my avatar, the second one begins with Joey_P and doesn’t have an avatar.

This appears to only be an issue when linking to a post in a different thread. When I linked to your post the two different ways, it showed your username (and avatar) both times. I’m also noticing that when you link to a post, you get the link back to the original post, when you quote it, it doesn’t happen.

Where I tend to notice this issue the post is in threads with lots of links/quotes to other threads. Never have any idea who’s being quoted unless you’re told or you click on it to go to the other thread.

Also, I noticed a discrepancy between the preview and what actually gets posted.

Here’s what my preview looked like, note that the first quote has only my avatar and the second has only my user name:

Here’s what it looks like after I’ve posted it. Note that my username doesn’t appear in either quote (which may be different for you if you’re on a different theme)

I’ve noticed the same issue as the OP (in case it is theme-related, I use Sam’s Simple). It doesn’t come up that often, since people don’t routinely quote posts from different threads, but it is frustrating when it does.

I tend to notice it most often in giant pit threads that are directed at swaths of people (on the board) as opposed to a pit thread for just one person. But even being a strictly ‘new posts’ guy, I still don’t find myself reading many pit threads. It’s usually just because I got side tracked clicking on the button showing that a post was linked to in another thread and I’m curious what someone had to say about the post or the person.

So, yeah, at least for me as well, it’s not a huge problem, just a minor inconvenience. I was just putting it out there because it doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal to fix/change, but also I’m assuming CodingHorror isn’t aware of it. Especially since it seems like there’s a lot of things that can be different from one theme to the next and since I’m using one that doesn’t appear to be as popular, I assume little bugs here and there get overlooked.

One is a quote; the other is a link:


[quote="Joey_P, post:3, topic:940648, full:true"]
quote here

Pick your preferred method and stick with it, is my recommendation? Whichever one floats your boat?