Febrantary (February Minirants)

But did you have fun being distracted?

This may belong in the workplace gripes thread, but I had some seriously shitty customers today. One told me that he had hoped he would get a “more qualified” tech - apparently one who knew exactly the specs of HIS computer, that he has never brought in for service but he has a couple of badly executed photos of! - and another who was complaining bitterly that the products she never bought or paid for don’t seem to be installed on her computer.

Yeah! Everyone knows it’s Febry.

Standoff is over, everyone is uninjured, and our buddy is on his way to the hospital for evaluation. I was trying to avoid identifying this situation too closely when I posted earlier, but my Tony has been friends with this Tony for years. He and his family were guests at our wedding. When friend Tony began experiencing major domestic issues as a result of his emerging mental illness, he came to our house for a couple of weeks. He gave us our K9.as a gift.
I’m so grateful that this ended as well as could be hoped. Just got off the phone with his wife, and she said what I was thinking: that she never expected to see him alive again after she left that house. I expected that he’d eat a bullet instead of coming out. She was afraid he was angry enough to try to hurt someone else on the scene.

Glad this came out OK, and I hope your friend gets the treatment he needs to be himself again.

Mini-rant: Discovery has lately developed the “cute” habit of coming back from several minutes of commercials, giving a minute or two of actual content, then doing another commercial break.

2 February - Neuroblastoma Awareness Day. Fuck off Neuroblastoma. Right into oblivion. I want to see a No More Neuroblastoma - yay!! - Awareness Day.

Seems I can’t play blu-ray movies on a PC without buying third-party software, costing around $80. That’s very annoying, and very weird if you ask me.

You definitely can, although it might be technically illegal, as the program will have to crack the encryption on the discs. As it might be illegal, I won’t recommend anything specific, but most third-party media players should be able to do it.

They can only play it after it’s already decrypted, which is additional software you have to pay for, so presumably is above board, even though they appear to be ripping then stripping DRM. I’ve tried the .dll method for VLC and it hasn’t worked.

This all seems unnecessarily complicated. I just want to watch a store-bought blu-ray using a store-bought PC with a store-bought OS.

Having had another look, it seems they’ve changed the encryption (again) on some Blu-rays and a lot of the older free programs don’t work…

This is why people pirate. If it’s easier (not just cheaper) to watch a pirate copy than a legal one, it won’t stop.

I pit mommy boards. I am currently pregnant and due April first. I read a couple of message boards for reason I am not sure I understand myself. Most of the time, they are poorly written but encouraging. But sometimes they make me see red.

One is that most of the women on these board seem to be teenagers. They post about all their relationship problems from not getting enough help to money problems. When I sift through the spelling mistakes and bad acronyms, it becomes clear that most of these problem could be solved by these women using their big girl words and talking with their husbands. Isn’t the first piece of advice everyone gets when they get married that communication is key to a good relationship? I’m terrified these women are going to be responsible for children if they can’t even talk to their husbands about not eating hotdogs in the morning.

The second is one that many on this board hold near and dear to their hearts. There are many decisions that parents will make and I am mostly of the opinion that they won’t make a huge difference in the long run. For those things I say we quit tearing each other down. But when we start talking about vaccines, I cannot just support whatever decision they make. Vaccines are an important and vital part of our health system. Every child that goes unvaccinated increases the risk that a child will die of a preventable disease. The choice to vaccinate is not a personal choice because it affects others. But all the evidence and science you have on your side will make no difference in their mind. All they see are the scary websites spewing bad information about autism and chemicals.

I pit myself for choosing to read this crap. When will I learn that you can’t actually win an argument on this type of thing on the internet.

Did it make you shiver?

Back in 2001 before I quit IT for 10 years, I ran a small team (as PL, non-management) and one of my people was about as perpetually pregnant as whatshername on Family Guy.

I mean that. She had a kid. She was pregnant again within a month or so. She had that kid. She was pregnant again within two months. :smack:

She only worked part time, and she spent every fucking second of that time on various mommy boards. Getting her to do her work was a chore, and she fucked up most of it. Unfortunately she was a family friend of my manager, and I got chewed out every time she got the vapors about being asked to do her job or when I tried to (at management insistence) ‘train’ her on performing her tasks.

So that person is my mental association with mommy boards.

Excuse me while I go find something for the pain from spending this posting time grinding my teeth.

The Superb Owl doesn’t start until 5:30 central. That means I have to wait all day to get my fucking nachos. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for those nachos? And now it’s the day and I STILL have to wait till dinner time? FUCK.

Worst mommy board on the planet is Mothering.

Here’s an evil little pyschopath lamenting that her infant son has pertussis because she didn’t vax him against it despite her husband’s wishes. And she’s still not pro-vax. Cunt.


I could wring her fucking neck. There’s no benefit to getting pertussis at all. It’s incredibly dangerous in young children with a horrifying mortality and morbidity rate. Getting the disease doesn’t even provide long term immunity. It wears off after three or four years.

That board should be banned from the net altogether. The people on it are a fucking menace to our society.

The majority of them suck, and I agree with LavendarBlue, Mothering is horrible.

I agree, although I believe most of the people on those boards are damn liars. They probably don’t even have kids other than their own sense of self-importance.

I was hungry for nachos today, so we walked over to a local bar and had them. My God, what a huge platter of nachos! I guess my mini-rant for today is that I ate too many nachos and now my stomach feels bad. :smiley:

It is dark out, 4 degrees. We had 5 inches of snow a couple of days ago and the roads are pretty clear, but there’s still a stray patch of mess here and there.

Some jackass just went flying past my apartment building on a motorcycle at considerably above the 50 mph speed limit. :smack:

Fuck. They’ve upped the snowfall totals for tomorrow from 1-3 tonight to 5-8 inches. Oh spring you miserable tease. It was 50 today and really nice. We’re back to mid-winter tonight.