February-March 2014 Chicago Dopefest

Ok, let’s do it. Stomp through the snow, put on your coat and we should get together in winter. I’d prefer Lake View or Lincoln Park, but any place with CTA access will work as well. I liked Dags and I could call them ahead to ask about their schedule.

Chime in if you want to do it.

My family situation (93-year old ailing mother-in-law) has made my schedule (and my life) a mess for the last couple of months, into and out of hospital, rehab, home, hospital, rehab, etc. She’s now settled in a nursing home, so I’m hoping that my life will regain some normalcy, and I’m hoping to make it.

Well if CKDH is going to be there, I can’t very well miss it, now can I?

Bump time, anyone still interested? I’m thinking about that dead week after the Super Bowl in February, around the 8th, although I’m free any weekend in February. North side still ok?

Sounds good to me.

Feb 8 is possible for me. My mother-in-law has passed away, so I’ve got a little more control over my life. Feb 15 and 22, I’m off to a warm climate.

Sorry to hear about your MIL, CK. But I’m glad your control level is back up.

I think I’ll be around then.

I’ve retitled the thread… any interest? Or, given the level of cold and the height of the snow, do we want to wait until spring?

I fear no cold!

I’m up for it.

Waiting for Spring? In Chicago? That’s like Waiting for Godot.

This weather is making me incredibly stabby, which I hear may not be a good thing for a social gathering. This cold “snap” (how is 30 days a snap?) has rid me of my will to go outside, drink or be merry. If the temperature can manage to creep its way above freezing (I don’t ask for much), I’m in.

On a mostly tentative basis, I’;m pretty much open and available for whatever pops up

Next Saturday is February 8, anyone in? Dagostinos would be fine with me .

I’m hoping to be there, gimme a time and place…

I have to be somewhere by 5, but if it’s early enough (~1:00) I may be able to go.

The odds are about 50/50 for me. I’ve got a repairman coming on Saturday morning, and it will depend on what time he’s done.

This Saturday is not ideal as I have an evening commitment.
They are also forecasting snow.

Given the continual crap-storm of snow we’ve been getting, I’d delay this a bit. Maybe by the 22nd things will have calmed down a bit?

OK, let’s postpone until later in the month, the 22nd might be a good weekend, one week after Valentines Day.