Federline's rapping

I listened to a few agonizing seconds of K-Fed’s album on ITunes. I don’t like rap in general, so why is his rapping considered so bad, other than due to who he is?

What’s-her-name gave him the bum’s rush, so now he’s Fed-Ex. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t heard his rapping, but I know who he is is a large part of it. I also suspect that he has little to no rapping skills, and probably nothing to say. The guy won the lottery when he married Britney, and now he’s trying to buy fame. People don’t take too kindly to that; look at Paris Hilton.

I have the CD. Shut up.

The production on the music is actually suprisingly good. I mean, the beats really are well done. As for his rapping? Well, it’s a bit (ok, a lot) cheesy.

So, he’s got really lame similes (“It’s goin down like a fresh pair of panties”), totally not true big talk about himself, and he rhymes words with the same word. It’s pretty bad, but hella funny.

The other day it was 1 AM and our neighbors were on their balcony playing some rap really loud. We opened our front door, stuck a boom box there, and turned the Kfed way up. Their music stopped soon after :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I bet his album would be GREAT for psychological warfare. Think we should tell the Pentagon?

I can’t do that even to the worst of the terrorists. That must certainly be against the Geneva Convention and if it’s not, it should be.

The Pentagon doesn’t really set much stock in the Geneva Convention these days. You might say they took that law down like a pair of fresh…

dammit, I can’t even bring myself to type it.

You know, since I got the CD, I’ve taken to speaking in only Kevin Federline rap. Well, only to my boyfriend and roommate. She thinks it’s great, he wants to break up with me :slight_smile:

I probably say “It’s going down like a fresh pair of panties” 20 times a day. Roomie: “Hey, did you do the dishes?” Me: “Oh yeah, they’re going down like a fresh pair of panties.”

Wan’t there some line that confused paparazzi and Pavarati?

Yeah, that was a leaked track.

That isn’t on the CD. Either is Popozao. I died a little bit inside when I found that out. Luckily, my CD came with an autographed picture of Kfed that is framed in my living room (no, seriously). That made me a little happier on the inside.

I’d be wanting my money back.

Oh trust me, there’s enough on there to laugh about without those two tracks. My roomie and I say it’s the best $9.95 I’ve ever spent (+ $3 shipping. I got it on his website, which is why I got the autographed picture too).

Two years ago, my then-roommate and I went through the same thing with Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg. Come to think of it, today my girlfriend and I feel the same way about Hollaback Girl. Something about those songs is inherently stupidly amusing.

You really don’t need to look any further than this for the answer to your question.

Wow, just wow. That was painful to watch and I hope I’m never subjected to such a steaming pile of talentless hack ever again.

Who was the chick that introduced him?

With enough money, anyone can hire talent to make background music. With rap I guess it’s your charisma and wordsmithing that make you stand out. K-Fed has no charisma and his rhymes suck.

That was a joke right? Please? Please tell me that was a woosh on me.

Wow. That was, uh, that was, ummm, shit. He makes Vanilla Ice look legitimate.

Why would that be a joke? I don’t know who a lot of celebrities are. I wouldn’t know that was Kevin Federline if I just saw that video without an introduction.

That would be his soon to be ex-wife, Britney Spears.