FedEx plane crashes in Lubbock Texas

Developing story

Executive stranded for years until he escapes from Texas, and delivers a package to an attractive woman living on a deserted island.

Soon to be made into a major motion picture. . .

Good thing my new dress pants were coming by UPS, huh.

Seriously, though, from what I’ve heard so far, there were only two people aboard, a pilot and co-pilot, and neither was seriously injured, so we have that to be thankful for.

It’s very icy in this part of the country today. I understand that the plane just skidded off the icy runway. Not surprising, as my car did a 180 as I was turning onto the street where my office is this morning.

Damn you, Dinsdale…beaten to the punch…

Oh man, I just saw that a few minutes ago. My uncle flies for FedEx in Texas. I’m going to see if I can get ahold of them. At least it looks like the crew made it out safe.

Saw the story on the news this morning. It’s frickin’ frackin’ freezing all over Texas, half my city is shut down. I’ll probably close up shop early.

Lubbock Texas…almost February…plane crash

Now I got an American Pie earworm.

I hope my waterproof, solar-powered satellite phone is okay.

I am so glad I’m not the only one whose first instinct was to make some sort of reference to a bad Tom Hanks movie…

When it absolutely, positively has to get there in a couple of weeks in a partly charred container.

Costarring a football named “Spalding.”

Lubbock lights, Lubbock?
Man those alien scum…

I attended Texas Tech in Lubbock and spent a lot of time trying to see those damn lights. Never saw so much as a glimmer.