Feds 'black-bagging people' in Portland

Unsure about the married ones.

I think this is too optimistic. In Germany, it took only a few years, not even a full decade. I also think that “uniformitarian” view does not give enough weight to “catastrophic” changes, such as the election of an extremely bad President, empowered by an extremely bad Senate, both of whom show every sign of willing participation in large-scale election fraud.

If Trump somehow steals this election and gets four more years…there could very, very well not be an election in 2024 at all.

Got a source that isn’t far-right propaganda?

Assuming gunfire actually did come from a protester, how is that not a proper response to attempted assault with a deadly weapon (i.e.: the Jeep)?

I’m Guessing the answer to my question is no. have fun agreeing with yourselves.

Look, if you’ve something to say, say it. There’s plenty of disagreement in the thread, but among for permission seems a bit silly.

*asking for permission, that is.

Are you saying the video is a deepfake or something?

Okay, y’all are are bunch of conspiracy theory spouting nut jobs. All the “kidnapped” “disapeared” people are in fact in the normal legal process. They are not being put in re-education camps. They were lawfully arrested, taken back to the station, read their rights, given a lawyer if they can’t afford one, charged with a specific crime, presented in front of a judge, will receive a trial by a jury of their peers.

I don’t live in Portland, so I’m not sure I’m really qualified to say what’s happening on the ground.


This lawyer says she wasnt read her rights:

This guy was shot in the face with non lethal munitions for… Holding a boombox.

But thank you for your input. Portland native, are you?

And without going through all 900 plus posts, I’ve noted a certain “Sovereign Citizen” tone to some post on the subject. Perhaps the political spectrum isn’t a linear spectrum. More of a circle, where the ultra left and ultra right meet.

I resent being called a nut job in GD. But I won’t stoop to calling you a name back. I’ll just say I am not convinced by your dazzling argument.

WOW, I had no idea there were news articles supporting your viewpoint. I must be wrong.

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My response.

– is the thread open again? Sure looks like it. Hope it can stay civil enough to stay that way.

Going by the updated article, there seems to be some significant question as to what this will mean in practice. But it looks as if a negotiated way out of this may indeed be possible; and, with some facesaving noises involved, maybe the federal forces will back down.

Why a “phased withdrawal”?

Was it a “phased insertion”?

I’m not putting you on the spot thorny locust…it is the link you gave and I doubt anyone here has an answer beyond, “It makes it look like they are retreating from a warzone.”

Just put them all on a few busses and gone. Simple as that. No “phased” anything unless one bus leaving ten seconds behind another counts as a “phase”.