Feed Lindsay?! What next....

… tie Kirsty to a treadmill and hide all the food?

Feed Lindsay :rolleyes:

I don’t know whether to laugh or be mildly disturbed. Maybe a nervous laugh.

Not so much a rant but I figured it can only go down hill from here.

There isn’t much to rant against here, but chin up. Maybe the thread will go up hill in MPSIMS. Even if it doesn’t, this isn’t Pit fodder.


I wonder if anyone actually buys shirts from this kind of website. I mean, it’s mildly amusing for a few seconds, but I wouldn’t want to wear it around.

And if that pic of “Lindsey and Nicole in need of a sammich” is legit, we need a puking smiley. :eek:

While I agree that Lindsay could definitely stand to gain a few (or 20) pounds, I don’t think I’d buy a t-shirt advertising that idea.

Nothing to see here, “Feed __________” is just the latest meme floating around. Expect to see links to them in your inbox when your less internet-savvy friends/relatives/coworkers hear about them.

Remember all the “ePanhandling” sites that cropped up after Save Karyn? Give it a year and these sites will be relegated to the Internet Archive, right next to All Your Base and the Star Wars Kid.

This one should amuse you. FreeKatie

I thought it was mildly amusing, though setting up a whole website for such a weak joke seems a bit much.

I do like these. Mmm, flesh.

She used to be so. very. hot. Now she is disgusting (much like Ms. Richie).

Oh and that pic of them is, in fact, real.

Yeah, that pic is real. And I found the shirts to be very funny. The iEat one is great, so is the Heroin chick. She does need to eat, she used to be very beautiful, now she’s . . . yuck.

Speaking as a skinny Lindsay myself, I wouldn’t think it was funny if someone bought one of those shirts for me.

(hello everyone, I’m Ella and I’m too broke/lacking a credit card etc to pay for a real membership but I have,of course, been broadening my mind for ages by lurking)

(eh. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention my eating disorder in my first post. but this just begs me to answer.)

First of all, although I doubt the “sign the petition to make Lindsay eat” is serious, it wouldn’t stop her losing weight if she’s got an eating disorder. it’s not like someone can say, “hey, you were much hotter when you were bigger.” or even, “it makes me sad that you’re killing yourself” and make an eating disordered person say, “okay! I’ll have a ham and cheese omlette, extra large! what a relief!”

It also sucks that people make fun of stars for it. I can’t help but be empathetic… I can’t stand Lindsay Lohan in general, (or Nicole Richie, or Mary-Kate Olsen) but it kills me to think… what if I were in that situation? Not too long ago, I had girls in my ballet class whispering about me and saying cruel things to me about how “disgusting” I looked. There were rumors and gossip… and nobody even knew my name. I can’t imagine having thouands upon thousands of people doing that.

And the fact that eating disorders are so widely misunderstood and made light of doesn’t help. Most people assume that people with eating disorders are just stupid and vain. If that were true, anyone could do it. You try eating nothing but diet pills and drinking nothing for two weeks and see how pretty you feel. try sticking your fingers down your throat… and when that doesn’t work, the handle of a toothbrush. or maybe a pencil. hell, you don’t care. you’re desperate. When you’re finished, sit back and see if you’re thinking, “boy, is this glamorous!”

argh. sorry about the emotional-ness. touched a nerve slightly, there.

**EllaBean ** I really am sorry you went through that and I am glad that you have gotten passed that bad phase of your life (well, seems to be so).

But I have ask: although people speculating that she has an eating disorder and saying she used to be much prettier isn’t the nicest thing in the world (to which I’ll agree), is that worse then all the people around her telling her how GORGEOUS she is now and how she could still lose 5 more lbs and be AMAZING?

Recently, it seems her best friend in the world is Nicole Richie and they both are killing themselves- the last thing I read said Nicole is at about 95 lbs and Lindsay is about 105 (I think Lind. is like 5’8 or so, while Nic. is 5’4). I’m sure their families have taken them aside, but the pressure of their handlers to be thin probably over rides that.

Here’s my thing: they are doing this because they think it is what is expected. They are in the spotlight so they need to be thin. What they aren’t getting is: that is not what people really want. People universally agree that Lindsay was GORGEOUS when she was 130-140, now she looks like a walking skeleton. In her mind, I’m sure she is “fat” and that is a horrible sickness I could never understand. I’m rambling.

Hopefully they both get help before it is too late.

it’s not worse… it’s just different. It’s different with each person, but eating disordered peolpe tend to be very touchy. You can’t say the right thing to them. When people used to tell me I looked sick, I fed off of it. I’d tell myself they were jealous.

Look at the difference, though, in the way Mary-Kate Olsen is treated compared to the way Lidsay Lohan is. We know Mary-Kate Olsen has an eating disorder, so we wish her well and tell her to take care of herself and get better. Whereas Lindsay’s is unconfirmed (understandable- checking into an ED unit would generate even more publicity.) so we say cruel things and make awful jokes.

To address your second point, it IS expected. Lindsay Lohan may have been gorgeous at her higher weight, but I saw her referred to as “full-figured” or “curvy” in several magazines and such. That would kill me. Some actresses are great with being champions for the normal-sized woman, but I would just hate it if I ended up as an example of an actress who was abnormally “not stick-thin.”

It’s also fully expected, not only to be underweight, but also to have an eating disorder. I’d like to be a movie actress some day (yes, big dreams, I know.) and have been told it would be almost impossible due to my hospitalization record. I realize it may be harder, but it will be far from impossible. I’m a female, a dancer, and a teenager. I think people would be more surprised if I told them I couldn’t imagine having an eating disorder.

And, although I initially get annoyed when people misunderstand EDs, it makes me truly, truly hapy to realize that they misunderstand because they can’t imagine it. Sometimes it seems like veryone I know has suffered at some point in their life, to some degree, with disordered eating. This sounds strange, but it gives me comfort to realize that not everyone has to deal with a mind as warped as mine.

I’d say the only eating disorder she has is that she “eats” too much cocaine. As far as the website, people have too much time on their hands.

Lindsay Lohan may or may not have an eating disorder. I’m about 5’7" and I’ve weight less than 105 pounds. No eating disorder. (weight loss related to stress). (I haven’t seen 130 for years, but I’m 15 years older now). She may be thin as a choice. She may be thin for a role. She may be thin due to drug abuse (don’t know that). She may be thin because designers really want to hang their clothes on size four stars and when you start out with Lindsay’s boobage, getting to size four means a lot of weight loss.

Secondly, Lindsay Lohan has made a choice to be a public figure. And she has definately chosen to “been seen.” She’s gotten far more press than other starlets, and she has chosen to get that press - magazine covers, going to parties where press are present, hanging with media whore Nicole Richie. I’m not saying “she deserves what she gets” but I think she’s a pretty bright woman - she can cut the limelight. Granted famous people can never live entirely private lives, but she chooses to live hers as publically as she does.

Mary-Kate eventually admitted she had a problem and sought treatment, that makes people sympathetic to her. Lindsay is bold-faced lying to everyone and treating the public like idiots. Since her sudden weight loss has been made public I have seen Lindsay on several shows saying several different things about her weight loss. First it was she’s out of puberty and dropped her “baby fat”, then it was working too much and exhaustion and stress, then it was a new exercise routine, then it was the flu, then it was the exercise routine and a diet and the weight loss was for a movie role and she probably won’t stay that way. She could at least pick one lie and stick to it. The public doesn’t like being lied to or being treated like idiots. It shows a lack of respect. Maybe it isn’t any of our business what is going on with her but she chose to make excuses and kept changing her story, so she long ago lost the chance to keep it to herself. So people keep talking about it and hoping to catch her in her lies and ridiculing her because of it.