Feeling content with your life

Are you content with your life? I am quite content. I feel very fortunate in many ways.

Here is an interesting video - The 3 Happiness Myths:

I’m a fan of the movie “The Butterfly Effect” and I think it is saying that major problems in life are generally unavoidable.

Do you have a philosophy or approach to feeling content?

Video is too long. Can you summarize?

I’m content with my life as well. I frequently recognize the fact that I have (more than) enough to eat on a daily basis, have a good roof over my head and enough money to properly maintain the home, I have a loving husband and friends, and I love my animals. That’s the foundation. Then I am also ever grateful for the additional blessings on my life: enough money to maintain a “layoff” fund in addition to saving for retirement and taking yearly vacations. I also recognize the “little” things, like having enough money that I can provide proper veterinary care for my pets without any concern for cost - what they need is what I provide them. There are so many people who can’t afford that kind of thing and have to make life or death decisions based on cost. I don’t EVER want to be in that position, so I’m thankful that I’m not.

Great question, and one I actively pondered for the first time a few months ago

I’m at a point in my life when I can say YES to that question. After 20+ years of marriage, my (now) ex-wife and I went our separate ways almost 3 years ago. What I’ve discovered is that I am at a good place to be by myself. Got married at 20, so I had never really been by myself as an adult. Have been now solo for almost 3 years and really enjoy it. I’m actually more involved, going out with friends, volunteering, and just doing stuff. I’m financially doing really well, have two fantastic rescue dogs, and enough hobbies and interests that I never get bored. I have a great job that sends me out of the country about once every other month.

I’m content. Really loving my life right now.:cool:

More or less, but I feel differently on different days. For example, if I am fatigued, I may feel less content, but if I feel good physically (not tired) then at times I feel very contented.

This is similar:

I want what I have. Simple as that.

Some problems, such as illness are unavoidable. (Much of the time). Some problems, such as those due to someone goofing off or drinking and driving are very avoidable.

In general I’m quite content.
Especially since this is my 40,000th post.

I have what i want.

I’m content. Good relationship with wife. Good kids who are smart and funny and sometimes drive me crazy. Good job where I can help people and make a very comfortable living. I don’t want it to end…

I’ve long thought contentment undervalued and happiness overrated. Yeah, I’m pretty content. Any issues regard my personal nature, rather than my overall situation.