Feeling the Heat

This may not be possible to do in the practical sense, but I figured if anybody can puzzle through this problem, it would be the Teeming Millions.

I was recently at an event where they had a nice, huge, bonfire. I learned that if one stands close enough to such a fire, puts their hands even closer to where the palms are almost painful, then almost immediately applies those aforementioned red-hot palms to the exposed flesh of a nearby paramour, it creates a rather intense sensation.

As I’m always keen on ways to keep a paramour happy, my goal is to be able to replicate this experience from the comfort of my own home, where, alas, bonfires are most impractical. If I must do this outdoors, I must, but it would be way cool… er… awesome, if I could do it indoors. Of course, not being a total dweeb, I want to minimize the risk of, quite literally, burning down the house.

I need to have access to a source of heat such that I can get my hands hot to the point of painful, then almost immediately apply them to the skin of someone standing, or lying, nearby. This heat dissipates in seconds, so anything where I’d have to move back and forth would not work. Of course, it must also be safe enough that the risk of starting a fire is minimal.

Granted, what I’m looking for may not be practical, safe, or even possible. But as I said, if help is to be found anywhere, this is the place :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Maybe if the Mods close this thread you’ll get hot enough. I’m just sayin’.

Space heater.


Candle? Might need to move your hand around a bit to get even heat.

Part of the effect may be caused by the coldness of the surrounding air as well as the heat of the bonfire. If you’re out at night the air temperature may be down in the fifties, making the contrast with your heated hands all the more pronounced.

I recommend running your air conditioner at full blast AND building a raging fire in your fireplace. :smiley:

Nothing says romance like a stove in the bedroom :smiley:

Heating pad

Probably an infrared parabolic heater, like this

You might be surprise how hot you can get your hands by rubbing them together.

You might also try something like this gel pack thing. It has a small metal disk and when you bend it, it turns the gel the consistancy of say, wet sand, and it gets pretty hot. It’s reusable by boiling it in water for about 5 minutes.