Fellow Dopers - Introducing one of our newest; REHarris!

Good day all faithful (and even less than faithful) Dopers out there in the world.

I, TVGuy have the rare privilege and special honor of introducing one of our newest Dopers to the community.

A colleague of mine, a good friend, and all-around great guy is he. A tireless hard worker, a devoted Dad, loving husband and one who knows how to order shots for large groups at bars, he is!

Not knowing the depths that he may have been getting himslef in to, he recently took my suggestion to come on in to this little world, look around for a while and see if he liked what he saw.

Apparently, nobody was succesful in driving him away or convincing him that there are better things to be doing with one’s time than Doping.

So, without further ado, please welcome my friend, REHarris to the boards.

(OK, pick on him at will… ) :smiley:

Welcome (again) REHarris. I had the pleasure of meeting you in the tipping thread over in IMHO.

Welcome! Sounds like a nice guy. :cool:

Thank you all, and thank you M’ Lord.
I’m already up to my third post as I’ve spent most of my time reading. This is an amazing forum to not only vent but also to learn.
All to often most of the information floating around out there is merely that “just floating around” but this is truly amazing. I’m looking forward to the experience!
…and really don’t believe TVGUY regarding buying shots…well ok, but it was just that once!
Already looking forward to our next gathering.

Thanks again whether you know it or not, you my friend are an amazing person, leader and most of all friend.

hiya REHarris

REHarris, I’m assuming that TVGuy has mentioned our little Portland Dopefest as seen in this thread right here in MPSIMS? Particularly with that introduction concerning your generosity in establishments where strong drink might be found, I believe your welcome will be quite warm.

Welcome to the SDMB – a truly amazing collection of fine people and a few total nutjobs, “where you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.”

Howdy, and welcome REHarris. Always nice to see a fellow Puddletowner on the board. Particularly since we recently lost one. (Atreyu moved away to Michigan.)

See you soon at the pub?

Pub? perk Did someone say pub? Actually, I was in my local last night with a pint of Enville Gothic…heaven in a glass!

So, REH, mine’s another!

Ah yes, the Dopefest! I will be there. This one’s a first for me.

Glad to have you, RE! Or do I have to call you Mr. Harris? :wink:

Hey there!
You can call me whatever you’d like, just don’t call me late for dinner.

But seriously folks…Thanks for the welcome. I’m really looking forward to learning a lot

Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Hello REHarris. Im new here too. See you around.