Female Dopers: How do you masturbate?

Okay, I hope I’ve started enough “normal” threads over the years not to be called out as some sweaty middle aged sicko for starting this kind of thread. Ways that women masturbate came up in the long fingernail thread.

I’m a female doper, and I pretty much never do any penetration, or if I do, it’s really shallow. Yep, all clitoral for me. I used to use just manual stim but now I pretty much only use a vibe. Oh, and I don’t like to touch it directly but pretty much always through something…like shorts or underwear or something. I guess I’m sensitive.

Okay, don’t leave me hanging, other dopers.

can’t leave you hanging, it’s masturbation

Exactly the same here, except I don’t use a vibe, just manual.

Manuals’s great…he keeps the pool spic and span too…

Usually on my stomach, manual clit stimulation, through my undies or some sheets. Probably about 10% of the time I’ll look at/read porn. Now and then I’ll have a glass of wine and break out the toys and spend some quality time with myself. But on a daily basis it’s a pretty quick and simple thing.

Geez…TMI girls, but bacons reply is hilarious.

Huh- and here I thought I was the only one who preferred direct clitoral stimulation through my panties! Never penetration- doesn’t do it for me. Don’t have a vibe at the moment but if I did I’d go through batteries like mad!

And I do like me some porn- text, photos or video.

I like penetration. Well-lubed single finger (occasionally two), sometimes a small dildo. No vibe. No porn either. Just what I conjur up in my mind.

Quite nicely, thank you. :cool:

It’s all about the clit for me. Manual or vibe and direct stimulation. mmm mmm mmm.

No, you’re not, me too. Huh. I always though I was weird because it works better for me that way.

I also stick with direct clitoral contact. I do have a vibe that has a clitoral stimulator, and I love it, but it seems so noisy at night, so I mainly just use my hand. I also have a crapload of vids on my mp3 player, so I usually watch one of those.

Depends. Day to day, direct clitoral stimulation with one finger, though generally on the sides to keep the contact from being too much. If I’m really horny when I’m home alone, penetration with a medium sized vibe, and either reading or watching porn.

This …thread…is…awe…some.

Not directly on. Too sensitive. Usually 2 fingers rubbing along the edge of the clit. Occasionally use a tiny vibrator to rub against it. Never penetration. My usually number i strive for is 6 orgasms. Anything past that point, the intensity level drops to where it’s not worth the effort.

I quite like penetration. I have a glass dildo that works very well for finding the g spot, better I find than the vibrators I’ve tried. I sometimes use a Lelo Nea (the Swedes make awesome toys btw), by itself or with the dildo.

Not usually into porn, mostly just what’s in my head or some stories out of Enchanted. Or I’ve found a story or two on Literotica that get me revved up before I finish on my own.

If I watch porn it’s more for the amusement factor than to get off (I have some Polish stuff from a friend, and I’ve watched some of Pirates…)

I’m actually a fan of penetration and typically use one of my dildos (size and style chosen for that day’s mood). I’ll use that to tease myself externally for a while (often through my panties), before actually using it for its intended use, and will only use the vibe to finish myself off if the toy/my fingers alone can’t do it. I’m fairly sensitive and feel like I have more satisfying orgasms if I don’t buzz myself into numbness with a vibrator. Vibrators work and can make me orgasm suddenly and hard, but then I don’t feel satisfied. It’s hard to explain. I prefer indirect stimulation, usually two fingers on either side of my clitoris.

I never masturbate while looking at porn, though I may rarely look at porn and then masturbate. To try to do them simultaneously seems like it would get distracting, particularly since I tend to come up with elaborate fantasies/scenarios on my own, complete with motifs and subtext.

Pirates is hilarious! And those porn stars actually aren’t bad in it (and I hate porn with a plot!). Evan Stone could actually be a straight actor if he wanted to- he’s pretty funny.

OK, this is interesting, and also enlightening. For those of you who go the penetration route, I was surprised. To anyone else that replies I’m curious to know your age as well.

I am a 41 year old straight married female with two kids.

I agree with Enright, this is enlightening. For those of you that enjoy porn, what kind do you usually watch/read? If I may hazard a guess I would go with pretty much the “standard” male w/ female stuff, but I am a bit curious.