Female dopers--tampon help needed

Hello all. I’m going to the spa tomorrow for some much needed relaxation. I can’t seem to find a suitable tampon, though, which will be necessary as I’ll have on a bathing suit.

Normally, I use pads exclusively, but I have used tampons in the past (the last time was about a year ago). I used to use Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, and I never felt those when they were in. Recently, I used a couple of tampax pearl tampons (one was a super, by mistake, and today I used a regular). I could feel them in the whole time, and it was super uncomfortable. Did I do something wrong suddenly? Or is it the tampons–they seem a lot wider, with little wings. The playtex tampons seemed much smaller. Or slimmer, at least.

Were those Playtex ones just different? Is my vagina abnormally small? And if so, what kind of tampons should I be wearing?

Thanks in advance!

My body also rejects tampons, so I understand. When I have to wear them I found only one kind that is okay, so I recommend you get the slim fit ones. They make them especially for like, 12 year old girls or something. Anything bigger than that and I can’t handle it for too long.

I believe it is playtex that makes them.

If you don’t mind not having an applicator (and in my experience you can get a much better fit without one), try the smallest size of OB tampons. They don’t seem to expand as much as other tampon brands- just enough to fit well without really lengthening at all- and since they’re rounded at the tip they’re more comfortable.

Also, since they’re individually wrapped in plastic and tiny, you can hide some extras in the spa robe pocket in case you need them.

Well, I just checked drugstore.com and it seems Playtex makes one called “Natural Taper Applicator” tampons. The applicator is designed to help ensure proper placement, even if you are a complete doofus (not saying you are). It’s been my experience that when a tampon is uncomfortable, or indeed, can be felt at all, it’s because it’s improperly inserted.

But I do like O.B.s, too.

A third for the O.B. They come with applicators now, but I prefer the normal variety for environmental reasons.

Thanks for the responses.

Part of me wants to retry the Playtex ones because I liked them so much the first time around. But these OBs sound good, too. Interesting, because they don’t seem to get as much publicity/press as the other ones. Not as glamarous as Tampax pearl and Playtex and all that.

It’ll be nice to have tampons for those times when I can’t wear pads, though. I’ll check out some OBs tonight.

OBs are good, but please, let me start the frenzy: get a DivaCup. It will change your life.

For the short term, I like the OBs, too. But I’ll never use tampons or pads again, because I have a DivaCup.

I swear by good ole Tampax original regular. But you’re right–if not inserted correctly, tampon discomfort is immediately apparent.

Maybe you need to adjust your insertion method. If you usually do it while seated on the john, try standing with one foot on the toilet seat and one on the floor. I find I can get the angle better that way. And don’t be afraid to lubricate the end–a little KY or such smeared 3/4 of an inch or so up the tip helps it slide in more smoothly and completely. Sometimes I can just crouch and shove–sometimes I need to be more particular and take measures to help things along.

I’d love to have a nickel for every tampon I’ve ever had to yank out immediately after inserting because I could tell it just wasn’t right.

I tried doing it the way you suggested, standing with one foot on the toilet…it still felt odd. And since I was able to put tampons in so easily with no practice at all back when I was using Playtex, I’m thinking it was the tampons. They looked so odd when they came out. Just way, way too big. I’ll try again later tonight, but I’m thinking I’ll try out my old brand which served me well in the past, or these o.b.'s that other dopers have spoken highly of.

I’m another good ol’ Tampax fan. As they absorb, they expand lengthwise, not widthwise, unlike most of the other ones out there. They make a junior size. Or maybe they’ve renamed it “slim.” Since I require Exxon Valdez size, I never buy them.

[hijack] All right, all ready! The DivaCup Evangelists have finally converted me. I just ordered one.

I just turned 49, BTW, so I’m going to be REALLY pissed if menopause begins within the next two months. Because I figure two months of not buying tampons and pads is all it will take to recoup the cost. [/hijack]

I haven’t converted all the way over to the Diva Cup, yet. I’m in that transitional phase where I’m using the Instead Cup.
I want to give anyone thinking of trying them a fair warning, though: It will take you a few time to get the hang of getting it out with making your bathroom look like an abattoir. Just so you know - Don’t let your first run with them involve lots of public bathrooms. :o

At that time of the month, my bathroom routinely looks like an abattoir anyway!

Diva cup doesn’t sound like it’s for me. I think it’s bad enough when I misjudge when my period’s coming.

Anyway, I went to the store and bought some ob and my old brand, Playtex Gentle Glide. I just put a Playtex in, and I can’t feel it at all. I guess this truly is the brand for me.

They renamed the “junior” size as “lites”(I always thought “junior” seemed a little demeaning, personally). They are smaller than the “slender regular”, but the only place I can ever find them is Wal-Mart.

I switch back and forth between Playtex Gentle Glide and Tampax Pearl. When I was first using tampons of any brand, they always felt strange, especially Tampax. After a while I think I just automatically got used to them and started putting them in a little differently and never had an issue again. I’m not really sure how to explain it… maybe I was more relaxed when inserting them, so they went in a little differently.

I also nabbed a DivaCup. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it again. The one time I tried it I think I put it in just a little too far (trying to get that nubby end far enough inside, which didn’t work) and it got stuck. I couldn’t get it out and was this far from panicking. I was nearly in tears and had to come ask my boyfriend to help me get it out. It was far enough back that I could barely reach the rim, but it was too far to break the suction and also get ahold of the damn thing.

If you can feel it, you probably don’t have it placed very well. The only time I can feel anything is when I’ve screwed up the angle. If you can feel it, it’s best to start over like Proudest Monkey says, or it’s going to be uncomfortable the entire time you have it in. Practice helps, but we all botch it once in a while.

Google “tampon insertion” (in quotes) and you’ll get a lot of sites that offer advice on how to do it properly.

For me, the primary advantage of the DivaCup is that you only have to do anything to it once or twice a day. Public bathrooms are not an issue because I check it in the morning and the evenings.

From previous threads, it seems that about 80% of the women who try DivaCup have absolutely no problem with it, there’s no abbattoirs, and everything is hunky dory. Another 15% have problems getting used to it, but once they do it’s great. About 5% never get the hang of it, maybe due to the way they’re shaped.

Those are estimates. They’re not scientific. I did not do a survey nor pull up the old threads. In other words, it’s just my guess.

See, this is exactly what I haaaaaaaaaaaaate about Tampax. Everyone is built differently, of course, so I always figured it must work for SOMEONE, but for me? An hour after I put the damn thing in, it’s poking out of me, causing me extreme discomfort and leaving bloodstains on my underwear.

Well, that and the dreadful applicator. Yeah yeah, plastic is bad for the environment, and I’m usually a pretty green individual, but we’re talking about my vagina dammit, and it’s only getting the best.

Wow. That’s sig-line material for sure! :smiley: