Female Dopers: What does it mean to say a man is acting like a little girl

In general, I think I know what it means to say that someone is acting (stereotypically) like a little girl. Playing with dolls, wearing sundresses, screaming shrilly at startling situations.

But if a grown woman (over 30) accuses a grown man (over 40??) of acting like a little girl, she probably means something other than playing with paper dolls.

So, what do you think it means if a woman says she can’t stand when grown men act like little girls?

Too much texting or chatting? Being a ‘pussy’? (Whatever that means.) Being less-than-aggressive in sexual relationships?

Being Politically Correct? (Whatever that means.) Not swearing in public… not beating people senseless for cutting them off on line…? …not taking a shit in the street…?

Starting a lame ass thread asking strangers what it means to act like a little girl?
Is there any chance that a woman accusing men of acting like little girls is herself to be suspected of lacking the tits to deal with sex in the new century?

You’d pretty much need to ask her, wouldn’t you? What makes you think women on the Internet would be better equipped to answer than men on the Internet? Either the answer is inscrutable and you need to ask what it means, in which case nobody can tell you with certainty, or it’s widely known what women mean when they call men little girls, and men are as likely to know as women.

I’d assume she meant he was being pouty, whiny, and passive-aggressive. Possibly frightened or weak, but I’d assume whiny.

Very true, but I suspect that men might be less impassive when it comes to answering the question.

As far as it being widely known, there are plenty of questions with widely known answers, but those who do not know still need to ask.

I was not being passive aggressive!

Actually, I was not because, in this situation, I was not involved.

It was a general statement about men in romantic situations.

I associate the phrase with throwing a childish tantrum when you don’t get your way.

Usually when I use the term, it means that someone (not just a man) is acting over-the-top dramatic. Little girls are stereotypically known for their shrieks, dramatization of minor things, etc.

But that’s just me.

What she said. I’ve accused people (of both genders) of acting like little girls, and I usually mean they’re acting like big, whiny, temperamental babies.

Guy checking in.

Not exactly what you asked, but I’ve been meaning to make this distinction for a while now. A “pussy” is a man lacking the virtues (boldness, directness, willingness to risk bodily harm) traditionally associated with masculinity. By contrast, a “cunt” is a duplicitous woman. This is American usage; in England the words mean something completely different (Pussy isn’t an invective and men are routinely called cunts).

What a twat! You should be burned on a faggot!

Of course I could just have easily have called you a dick… or a penis …

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The last time I said something about “screaming like a little girl” I was taken to task for being sexist.

None of that speaks to what it means to say that men are acting like little girls.

Little girls scream like fucking ambulances, though.

Maybe his Clint (eastwood) is showing ?

Well, this thread is timely! I just got off the phone with my gal pal who complained about a man who “acts like a little girl.” I asked her (even though I knew) what she meant, and she said, “He’s just a whiny little bitch.” Make of this what you will.

I use it when a man is being whiny, bratty, selfish, prissy and pouty. Little girls aren’t all sweetness and light, ya know.Oh, and if he throws a tantrum…or acts like he’s afraid of bugs or dirt.

Probably says more about the woman than about the man.

And the less said about the little girls the better!

But women get an autopass for being afraid of spiders, right

I think it’s sexist to use terms descriptive of women/girls as insults. So next time someone calls you a little girl, just put on your best Maurice Chevalier accent and burst into song, “Thank Heaven for Leeeetle Gurrrrrrls.” That’ll larn 'em. Or something.

And yet, with so many Chevaliers, I don’t have one that’s best! Damn! Foiled again!