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In the first Straight Dope book Cecil says that there is no precise female equivalent to male nocturnal emission. He says that women rarely ejaculate at the point of orgasm, but notes that exceptions allegedly exist. So my question is this: Do exceptions actually exist? Thanks in advance for your answers.

All female ejaculation can be reduced to two rather simple phenomena:

  1. Urination – Orgasm muscles are closely related to muscles that control urination. Though this is not truly female ejaculation. #2 is quite possibly female ejaculation.

  2. A woman’s natural lubrication builds up in the vagina, and at the point of orgasm is expelled with force. It is worth noting (as I think Cecil may have already. I have read this info in several places, but lets give the Master credit where credit is due) that most female ejactulation occurs due to oral or external manual stimulation of the clitoris. For obvious reasons, these methods can lead to an excess build-up of vaginal fluids (there’s nothing there cleaning it out) and thus, to female ejaculation.

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To answer your question “do exceptions exist?” My dear, there’s exceptions to everything.

As Cecil mentions, female ejaculation is associated with the “G-spot.” Any number of sources exist, online and elsewhere, for information about how to hunt the elusive creature and what happens if/when you find it.

Here’s a good place to start your gynecological expedition: http://www.thriveonline.com/sex/gspot/

I suspect Jayron is on the right track, especially with answer 2 – orgasm is often accompanied by deep contractions, which is exactly the sort of thing that would bring about the “excess build-up” noted. (See the thread about “Why do women have orgasms?” for ["]http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000183.html](http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000183.html[/url) for a, um, full-blown discussion of some of the physiological things that go on during orgasm.) Sex can be a messy business and all those byproducts gotta go somewhere.

Cecil also makes a good point here that bears repeating: sex should not be a performance contest. It’s also meaningful to note that sometimes in life the journey is every bit as worthwhile as getting to your destination, whatever the desired outcome when you do get there. In some ways, female ejaculation is no more than a parlor trick; it aint the real deal any more than the parsley on the side is what makes the steak dinner. (Okay, it can be an interesting parlor trick, but you get the point.)

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Cecil’s column discussing the Grafenberg spot can be found here: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_069.html

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“He says that women
rarely ejaculate at the point of orgasm”

NOTE: I don’t know what kind of equipment you have down there DSC, but a man’s orgasm and ejaculation are actually seperate events.