Female ejeculations?

Cecil mentioned in passing that one of the women reported having ejeculations. My GYN says such things do not happen, that it is just urine leak. I think she is wrong. What does Cecil say??

The column being discussed is

Can some people have orgasms without genital stimulation? (05-May-2000

Female ejaculation has been discussed on the board before, but the thread may have been dropped. At the time, several women stated that it happened to them.

Actually, I was searching in the wrong forum.

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In this column, What’s the deal with the Grafenberg spot?, Cecil says:
“In a small percentage of the women tested–about a tenth, according to one estimate–orgasm is accompanied by ejaculation through the urethra. For years this ejaculation has been interpreted by women, and their mostly male doctors, as urination, but in fact, G-spot buffs claim, the fluid is clear and strikingly similar to the ejaculate of males who have undergone vasectomy.”
as well as:
“I can also assure you that female ejaculation is no myth, although the ejaculate bears a marked resemblance to, well, pee.”

It would actually be relatively easy to distinguish the various secretions that could be found in that area.

For example, if it’s pH 5-6.5, it’s urine. Urine pH can be as high as 8, on occasion, but is almost always acidic.

Skene’s gland, which has tiny openings near the urethra, is known to give off a small amount of clear, alkaline, slightly mucous fluid during intercourse.

Actually, rather than go through the distinguishing tests for each fluid (Bartholin’s, Cooper’s, vaginal lubrication, etc.) someone should use one of those urine multi-test strips on them. The 10 or 18 test strip would give all the information to figure out what it is, and rule out urine.
The strips are commonly found in hospitals (if you work in one) and can be purchased at drug stores in most states. They don’t require any special skill to read, there’s a usually a color chart on the label.

I’d do it, but I won’t have an ejaculating female handy for a few weeks. sigh

Oh – BTW, as regards the “G-spot”.

I am not impressed by the inability to locate the nerve endings or other structures corresponding to the G-spot. The VomeroNasal Organ (a scent organ for pheromones) was not found for decades in humans, and many scientists insisted, on this basis, that we didn’t have one.

After all, pheromones abd the VNO were well characterized in many animals. Farmers could buy pheromones in spray cans that made their sows and cows eager to be mounted. Any vet could dissect a domestic mammal and find the VNO. With that kind of experience, they said, “if we cain’t find it, it ain’t thar”

And a few years ago, mirabile dictu!, they found it.

How now, sow and cow?

Genuine hard research on sex physiology is very rare. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of enthusuiastic amateurs.