Female NCIS fans: would you date Gibbs?

No, I’m not going to explain who Gibbs is, why he might seem attractive to many, or why one might ultimately reject him. If you watch the show you know all those things already.

< woman, wouldn’t want to compete with the ghost of his dead wife (but think that would be a great TV show!)

Also his being divorced 3 times is off-putting, but I’m known for my “pickiness”

I would date him. I might even date him exclusively. I would not have expectations of it being a life-long relationship.

Been a military dependent most of my life, I don’t mind the smell of sawdust, and I understand grieving.

Sure I’d tap him, date him, marry him.

I don’t think you needed to add women in the thread title - I mean, not only are you missing out the gay men who would like more than one poll option, but you’re also missing out the gay women. He’s a fictional character so it’s easy enough to imagine “if Gibbs were a woman” or “if I were straight…”

Anyway, no. He’s attractive in some ways but he’s married to his job and too emotionally damaged to ever commit to someone seriously. I bet he’s great in bed, though.

I’d have sex with him but he’s too preoccupied to have a relationship with anybody unless it was Abby or Ducky. Plus we’d fight because he’s got some really annoying alpha male habits that rub me the wrong way. The smacking the back of the head thing for one.

No. I voted “he was the common factor in three bitter divorces” and “I don’t want to compete with the ghost of his first wife”, which are both factors, but also he’s too old for me to think of as a romantic option, practically married to his job, I have no interest in boats or the military, and if we ever met we’d spend the time sitting in silence feeling annoyed at each other.

I might date McGee.

Nah, dude is more married to his job than he was to any of his wives. I don’t expect any man I’m with to drop whatever he’s doing when I call, but I’d like to be able to have an idea whether to make dinner for two or not with more than 2 seconds advance.

My husband watches a lot of NCIS, so I am rather exposed to it. Gibbs is annoying, he has more issues than the periodicals section of the main library, he’s way too macho, and he’s an ex-Marine. Any of these factors would be enough to disqualify him. Put them together, and he falls into the “last man on earth” category.

And he’s not actually hideous, but he’s neither handsome nor sexually appealing. Looks aren’t everything.

The dealbreaker, though, is the “playful” slaps to the back of the head. Nope, not gonna date someone who thinks that this is playful.

I wouldn’t date him, let alone marry him. He’s good-looking, but not emotionally generous. Not enough of a sense of humor. Too “strong & silent.”

I like that he is a man of integrity and an ace shot. I’d hire him as a bodyguard.

I’d date Ducky, but then I had a major thing for Ilya Kuryakin.

Those aren’t playful - they serve a purpose -

“A slap to the face is an insult, to the back of the head is a wakeup call”

While the clips/etc make it seem playful etc, they are quite rare in the actual show.


He looks OK, but I find his personality off-putting. It would be difficult to feel close to someone like him.

I used to watch a great deal of NCIs. I would “date” (i.e. knock parts a time or two) with Gibbs, but not marry him.

I’ve read interviews that Mark Harmon’s given in which he says that his father was a very difficult person - impossible to please, very emotionally distant. His dad was very unhappy that Mark went into acting - the ultimate pussy profession. He may have even broken off contact with Mark after he made it clear that he was serious about acting as a career.

I think that Harmon plays Gibbs by basically playing his father. And he must get a kick out of the fact that by playing his disapproving dad, he’s the star of a show that’s been the #1 drama on TV for years.

Slapping is not an acceptable method of communication between adults.

Date, yes. Marry, no. I like smart men and would have no expectation of a long-term or serious relationship.

He’s also the sort of person I’m prone to sort of investigationally-befriending, like if by coincidence we were neighbors or something. Reticent people are very satisfying to figure out, and usually are at least a bit appreciative when you manage to do it. I wouldn’t expect to be BFFs or anything, but these things are often worth doing even if the relationship doesn’t end up a close one.

IMO Ziva is competition too. :smiley:

I’d date the living daylights out of him, for the value of dating as described in the poll.
But marry him? No way.


Number one, persons old enough to be my father are not appealing. He’s sharp for an old guy, but not a potential romantic partner.

Number two, he’s married to his job, and has close relationships primarily with people he became involved with on the job–I don’t like the competition.

And yes, the three divorces are off-putting, even if I’d like to think he’s finally healing after the loss of Shannon and Kelly.

The headslaps aren’t playful. They are “do you goddamn job before I write you up, DiNozzo.”

OK. Slaps aren’t acceptable. Either he can tell whatshisface that the next step is getting written up, or he can get the guy fired. Slaps aren’t the way to deal with your underlings, if you are not involved in illegal activity. Since theoretically, this guy is involved in law enforcement, he should be able to discipline his underlings without the slaps. Yeah, if you’re in the Mob, you beat up your underlings, or have them beaten up. Apparently, Gibbs (or rather, the writers of the show) thinks that he’s so badass that he can get away with being in law enforcement but acting like a thug.

Frankly, if I knew that a man was prone to slapping his underlings, I’d be worried about him slapping ME, or worse, in a dating situation. It’s bad enough that he’s had three divorces. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action. I could believe that one or two divorces might not be his fault, or might not be entirely his fault. But if he’s had three divorces, there’s something wrong with HIM. He picks the wrong women to get involved with, or he’s not good husband material, or something. I’d be inclined to believe that he slaps his wives.

He’s broken. I can overlook his looks, but until he gets some serious counseling, he’s not dating material.

My husband, incidentally, loves Abby, even though he usually hates Goths.