female stomach cramps

Please understand this is a serious question and I am very embarrassed to ask it. I am in no way trying to brag about anything and in fact I wish I could ask it under a different username. But it is something that has been really bothering me and I figure, if I’m going to ask, it’s better to do so before anyone knows who I am around here. (I’m also thinking of changing usernames soon, so this is a good time to ask.) I left any hint of anything sexual out of the subject line in an attempted to maintain somewhat of a low profile. (I’ve noticed threads with sexual titles get 10x the number of views as normal threads.) Anyway sorry for the long disclaimer, here’s the question:

My girlfriend often complains of a dull ache in her lower stomach that develops the day after we have nookie. Her explanation for this is that there is a mismatch of the size of our respective organs. Is this really the case? First of all I’m not that big and it doesn’t feel like I knocking anything around in there. Might there be some other cause? I always thought that girls felt that bigger was better. Why the heck would this be the case if bigger gave you a stomachache for the next couple days. Her case is bolstered by the observation that more heated and/or longer sessions tend to result in worse cramps the next day. Could this be something else, perhaps something that might be correctable? (I hope so.) Any girls out there with similar experiences?

If you’re a big lad, you could be bruising her ovaries. If that were the case, she’d feel the pain during intercourse (and it’d be a pain almost exactly the same as getting poked in the nuts, so she’d probably tell you about it)

Pain after sex is definitely something worth seeing the gynaecologist about. If she doesn’t see the doctor, she’ll never know what’s wrong, and the problem will never be solved. If it did turn out to be something serious, you’d want to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

See the gyno.

Just as men are different sizes, so are women. You don’t have to be hung like Long Dong Silver to cause your gf a little discomfort; I’ve experienced the same thing as she has.

It probably wouldn’t hurt for her to have a quick checkup, though I bet there’s nothing much to worry about.

If it is really uncomfortable for her, there are positions that won’t hurt as much, while still being very fun. Experiment! :slight_smile:

Ok I am not a woman but I can take a guess anyway can´t I?

It could perhaps be muscle cramps from using certain muscles too much during sex. You know, like the muscle ache one can get after working out. It may be something she does without being aware of it, perhaps out of nervousness.

Trying different positions and see what feels better is probably a good idea.

But if you have been doing this and there´s no difference, I´d check with a doctor.


Seeing the doc is never a bad idea.

IMHO, you are hitting her cervix. This has happened to me also, and is not necessarily because you are overlarge. (BUT, I’ve never had it happen with a tiny guy :wink: )It causes mean cramping. A similiar example is when the OB has to touch the cervix (for samples or whatnot). The same effect occurs, and may last for over a day.