Fenris, I have a task for you - or - SDMB Smackdown!

I charge you to create a “SDMB Smackdown” play-by-play among the following tag-team foursome: LongRoad, Tarkus, POWER_station and Omnipresent. Each is worthy of their own Pit thread, obviously, but I’m lacking the energy. Be a good lad and hop to it, alright? Thanks ever so.


Since when did Fenris become your bitch? :wink:

Since when did you become Fenris’ advocate? :wink:

This is Tars Tarkas? What did he do?

Granted I’ve only seen him post in the cafe…

Tar Tarkas and Tarkus are different posters with distressingly similar names.

An example of Tarkus: Will Rap music EVER go away?

Can we add Du_Hast to the list???

Perhaps he can be one of those last-minute, not-on-the-roster, oh-my-god-he’s-getting-into-the-ring guys.

Work on it, Fenris.


An anecdotal example of your whinge?

How about JanL, the_great_dalmuti and Komosol?

A wrestling piece? Feh, this is up MY alley. I used to write fictional wrestling pieces twice a week…

Fenris wouldn’t know a Bulldog from a Spinebuster.


Hey, i didn’t do nuthin’!!
(Well, there was that one time, with the fire, and the explosions, and the screaming, and the monkeys, and the floating gas-cloud of death, and the noodles, but i apologized!!!)

And i am no relation to Tarkus, though his name sounds like he’s my illegitament son or something (must have been that night at the Helium Cafe, Barsoomian drinks are rather potent)

The floating gas-cloud of death?

Now, son, you know what your father and I have told you about eating dairy products… :wink:

::Settling in to wait for Fenris.

I didn’t THINK I’d seen you do anything pit worthy. But I’ve got my eye on you, you damn martian…


While you’re at it Fenris, mine’s a tea with a little milk and no sugar.

And bring the chocolate biscuits this time, you useless lump.


Like Brain Salad…, Tarkus is an unbalanced [soul]; one side is great, the other is rather sketchy!!

Dijon, is this really a description of the SDMB Tarkus???

Fenris is on strike, so they hired me to fill in. However, according to my contract it’s time for my lunch break, so you’ll have to wait.


I would imagine a match between the esteemed intellectuals mentioned in the OP as equivalent to a Hogan-Sid-Nash-Tugboat “dog doo on a pole” Scaffold match booked by Vince Russo.

Don’t worry, Wrestling fans will get it. :wink:

Fennie on strike? I thought he was just on vacation? If he really is on strike I’m going to stop picking up his mail and mowing his lawn.