'Fess up, people! Doper Crush List Time!

Inspired by Antinor01’s post in the Doper Picture Gallery thread:

I think we may have done this once before in an actual picture thread. But I’ve been looking through the Doper Gallery and, well…yeah. Hotties and cuties abound!

So here’s my Doper Crush List (in no particular order - actually, probably alphabetical, since I’m scanning through the gallery ahem). ANYWAY - here’s MY Doper Crush list:

Black Rabbit
Half Man Half Wit
Hoopy Frood
I Love Me, Vol. 1
Really Not All That Bright
Robot Arm

Sooo - sorry if I screwed up any formatting of usernames or whatnot - I was scribbling as I was scrolling. :smiley:

Who’s next?

And yes, I JUST submitted pics to Arnold, but they’re not up yet. If the demand is lare enough, I will stick one in this thread. If not, you’re just gonna have to wait.:stuck_out_tongue:

You mean like this thread?

:smack: Damnit.

Yes, like that thread. Ugh.

Mods, kill this one if’n you don’t mind. :smiley:

Your wish is my command.